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They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones. Wen i want to download fb, the say secure connection not available. And certificate not on phone or sim. Try downloading directly from Facebook or try the unsigned version. Links to both are in the post. Thes application are not worked on my Qmobile and my Phone is java supported tell me the reson.


Java ME is a very sloppy standard. Not all apps work in all phones. Similar yes, Messenger no. Have you read the Help page? And for its games, visit www. Hope this helps. And on ur phone, try this Locate the particular pic in Photos i. And it'll still appear as clear as the original on ur phone and also the original image still remains on ur phone while the newly created one will be next to it with added to its original name. Hi,from Saudi Arabia Every things OK but when i was take the picture camera have a black shading, how can i solve this pls any comm Then reduce to lowest size i.

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U can multitask. U can switch between tasks or apps. AnonD, 03 Mar hi friends!

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Sound is perfect! As always, it takes a little fiddling around to get it set up, but once working it'll transform your life or at least entertain you in moments of downtime! Communicator is where your IT dept if they're in the picture get to plug-in the right settings for Microsoft Communicator, the instant messaging system for companies.

For obvious reasons, I couldn't test this, but suffice it to say that the Communicator message screens appear as tabs within the E5's Contacts. Quickoffice is both the latest v6. Bloomberg is a widget for the popular financial web site, with news, charts and graphs, including again auto-update checking - one such was immediately available. Unfortunately, a cockup either in Bloomberg's coding or in the idiosyncrasies of S60's application management meant that the update's icon then appears under 'Installations' rather than in place under 'Office', which is where the user finds the original. Might be confusing!

AP Mobile is also a widget, with news, photos, videos and more from the world of Associated Press. Neither widget is particularly fast in loading its data, but it's all free and bang up to date, so it would be churlish to complain. Psiloc Traveler is a well known bundled utility, providing conversions and travel information, while Font Magnifier is a licensed commercial utility from the same supplier, letting you fine tune the fonts used throughout the OS. Vlingo is a smart addition to the software suite, providing one key voice recognition and dictation from anywhere in the OS assigned to a press and hold on the right function key - see our review for more on this - it's well worth investigating.

This is the free version, E5 owners will still have to upgrade to the 'Plus' version when they need more. One nice touch on the E5 is the addition of a 'Tips' system. These pop up on the homescreen from time to time, seemingly on a schedule, and you can either click through to view and disable for the future or simply cancel the tip and get on with whatever you were doing.

So we've established that the EDoF camera is a good snapper but not up to anything remotely ambitious. And probably a good match for the E5's intended target market. Here are some photo samples, click through to download or enlarge the image to original size.

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A typical sunny scene left , a typical overcast scene right , with no focussing challenges. Close-up around 60cm to a flower, note the fence, some leaves and background are all in focus, the blue flower is slightly blurred, it's just beyond the EDoF's effective depth of field; on the right, shooting a subject from a metre and a half shows no such issue. Focussing on the E72 involved a delicate touch on the optical trackpad and also forced you to keep it 'on' - the single d-pad press on the E5 is much simpler for most people to get their heads round.

Note that these solutions are somewhat forced on users by the E5 form factor - the landscape screen means that it makes no sense to rotate the phone as you would most devices looking for a shutter key. Click to download or play online in MP4 format - this is the native captured clip 4MB.

NOKIA E5: Nothing snazzy, but delivers the best

As you can see, video picture quality is Nokia-average. Good enough for casual fun videos but lagging behind what many would consider 'good enough' for playback on a big screen in There's no focussing of any kind, the frame rate is low and, worst of all, the audio capture surprisingly for Nokia is very poor and very quiet. There also seems to be some noise cancellation active for captured videos, giving an eery 'processed' effect, which won't be to everyone's tastes.

For both stills and video capture there's also the factor that the camera glass is horribly exposed on the E5's rear, ensuring it'll pick up its fair share of scratches and finger grease, which will impact on photo and video quality further.

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Video playback is as good as ever, within the usual parameters of sensible i. The landscape format makes the device suitable for quick video snippets, but the physical size will stop you watching anything of serious length. Boxed with the E5 is a simple no-frills stereo headset, with just a 'pick up' button in the lead. Music quality was harsh and the earbuds uncomfortable.

Thankfully, the E5 works well with standard Nokia stereo wired headsets and, plugging in the multimedia in-ear headset from my N86 produced far better sound and comfort, plus the added bonus of playback control using the buttons on the headset's pod.

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Music or podcast loving E5 owners are recommended to budget for buying a headset like this. Or using an existing Bluetooth stereo headset, of course. Remember my trip to Nokia's test labs at Farnborough?

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They had a twisting machine that tortured the life out of relatively flimsy plastic phones like the N79? I'd love to see what happens when they put the E5 in this machine - maybe the latter would blow a fuse. The E5 really is that solid. The review unit, as you can see if look at the photos carefully, had already been dropped a few times by a previous reviewer, yet the hardware had shrugged the attack off as if by a flea. Especially in the budget smartphone market, you won't see luxury leather cases used, we're talking trouser pockets and casual abuse - the Nokia E5 will be able to take it all.

However much you might be tempted by the inclusion of the extra RAM and the sturdy build quality, you'll have seen the QVGA screens Nokia have been using in their smartphones for the last five years and, like me, you'll be utterly dismissive of the E5 the moment you take it outdoors and try to get on with your life.