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Most Millennial fight ever. Went to starbucks and they still wrote my name wrong kskfkd my name is ghita not rhita.

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Hey Starbucks. We gotta talk.. Fix it please. Wow, Starbucks employees got it right. I have not had Starbucks for almost 3 weeks. Wtf is wrong with me. Please check your device settings section or consult your device manual. If you notice incorrect store information, please contact the Starbucks Customer Care Center at The app Inbox will send information about Starbucks new products, promotions and general news.

PIN is a feature that allows you to save messages to the top of your Inbox list for easy access to the information that is most important to you.

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Simply tap the PIN button either on the Inbox list view or message detail and the message will be saved in pinned messages tab at the top of your Inbox. To view your pinned messages, swipe down or tap the pin bar at the top of the Inbox list view. To close the pinned message tap on the bottom bar or swipe up to close.

Unpinning a message is simple. Additionally, you may swipe left in the pinned messages list to reveal remove functionality.

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Customers with our iOS app may manage push notification preferences through the Apple settings app. Simply find the Starbucks China Mobile App in the list and tap to view notification controls. For Android customers notifications may be turned on and off through a toggle in the settings section within the Starbucks China Mobile App. Installing widgets varies depending upon your phone manufacturer. Please consult your user manual to determine how to install widgets on your Android phone.

We have created three widgets to allow you to keep track of your Rewards in the way that is best for you. These widgets are available in three sizes 4x3, 4x2, 4x1 to provide flexibility depending on what information you would prefer to have easy access to. Please consult your user manual to determine how to install widgets on your phone.

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Widgets are only supported on the Android operating system and are not available for iPhone. If you are Gold level, the widget will tell you how many purchases are required to earn your next free drink. Additionally, the widget will also show what Rewards you have available and when they expire. Widget 2: The 4x2 widget is a simplified version of the 4x3 widget and will provide Welcome and Green members with their Star count to the next level.

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If you are Welcome or Green level, this will keep you informed of how many Stars required to achieve the next level. Gold members will be able to view the number of purchases required to earn their next free drink. Widget 3: Our 4x1 widget uses the smallest amount of space on your home screen. This widget will show what Rewards are available and when they expire. Please contact the Starbucks Customer Care Center at The fewer competitors there are, the more space Amazon gets to control prices, including increasing them if it wants.


Less frequently articulated is the role our technology plays in all this. Vox uses the Amazon example because its items are inexpensive, but the convenience is also about friction — or lack thereof. Purchasing from Amazon is extremely easy, or friction-free, because of the ecosystem developed by the company over the course of years.

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  • The "1-Click" ordering button, the smartphone app itself, Dash Buttons, even Prime Video are all designed to trap you in Amazon's universe so that it can take more of your money on a recurring basis. Similarly, as noted by Mike Murphy at Quartz, Apple's profit model now relies on charging people more money for products like the iPhone and providing "services" like an Apple Music subscription.

    Previously, it made tons of money simply by shipping buttloads of iPhones. Apple can do this because its customers are already trapped, either by things like the incredibly sticky iMessage software or the iPhone Upgrade Program , which lets you swap out a half-paid-for iPhone for a new one every year.

    Once you are in Apple's mobile universe, it becomes much harder to leave for a competing Android device.

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    We certainly shouldn't overlook that O. Starbucks' single app isn't much of a comparison to the ingenious systems built by Amazon, Apple, or the Waltons, but its feedback loop is even more clear. Of course, many of us make this choice over and over again, as we're susceptible to convenient options and habitual spending — which is of course what Starbucks, Amazon, and Apple profit from.