Iphone receiving emails from 1969

Try restarting the system or reconfiguring your mail, and see what happens. One of the empty fields, or maybe that date that evaluates as false, is probably also responsible for being unable to delete it. Is this on an iPhone?

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  • iPhone owners receive ghost emails from January 1, 1970.

Yes, this is an iPhone. I usually use gmail, but have both gmail and Hotmail on my iPhone, and can't tell which is receiving these - they don't show up if I access email from desktop computer, and they don't "open" the way ordinary emails do, nor show addressee. I just deleted my Hotmail account from the phone, and the messages finally went away. Is it safe to add Hotmail back, if I change password?

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Is this anything potentially harmful? You likely don't need to change your password.

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Your iPhone is just getting confused talking to the server. Restart your phone, add the Hotmail account again, and see if the messages reappear.

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Thanks so much! Back to normal - whew. I'm being emailed from the s.

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  7. January 1, represents 0 in UNIX time — the way that computers often understand times and dates. One Reddit user who reported it appeared to be using Microsoft's Outlook app.

    Are YOU getting ‘ghost emails’on your iPhone messages claiming to be from 1970?

    Last month several iPhone users were fooled into setting their date to on their iPhones only to find them unusable. Set your iPhone date back to January 1st then restart your phone and you get the retro apple boot animation!!!! U sers who have seen the email bug have reported fixing it by closing the email app and performing a hard reset on the iPhone — done by holding down the lock and home button until it resets. Of course, nobody ever received an email in The first electronic message between computers is widely held to have been sent in , by email pioneer Ray Tomlinson.

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    Tomlinson, who died on Saturday aged 74 , sent the first message on the ARPANET system, a precursor to the internet, at research company Bolt, Beranek and Newman, and was integral to many of the standards including the use of the symbol. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page.