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It lists social network status updates straight on your homescreen. Next, the Galaxy Ace has four buttons docked at the bottom of its homescreen, which stay there even when you open the menu. The main menu consists of side-scrollable panes, much like the homescreen, instead of a vertical scrollable grid like in vanilla Android. You can add new pages manually, by dragging an app to a new screen in edit mode. When the launcher is in edit mode, you can uninstall applications only the ones that you installed just by tapping them.

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The Samsung S Galaxy Ace software is responsive as it gets, with no lag whatsoever. Huawei P30 Pro review. GSMArena team , 26 January User interface. Text input methods, gallery, music players. Carefully lift the battery out of its slot. This will cause the phone to immediately turn off. Wait at least ten seconds before turning the phone back on. Give the phone a brief chance to "cool down" after removing the battery by waiting at least a few seconds.

Then, simply replace the battery and turn the phone back on as you normally would by holding the power button down for a few seconds. This brief waiting period is something that's also frequently recommended when resetting everything from desktop computers to network routers. Ten seconds is about how long it takes for most capacitors to discharge. Alternatively, just use the power button. Another slightly longer way to soft reset your phone is simply to turn it off like you normally would by holding down the power button.

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Select "Power off" or "Restart" from the menu that pops up. Note, however, that if your phone is frozen, you may not be able to get a response this way, so removing the battery will be necessary. Consider powering off your phone semi-regularly. Note that some sources of tech knowledge including executives from companies like Apple recommend powering off a phone at least once every few days to preserve battery life.

Another reason this can be a good idea is because it gives the phone a chance to literally cool off.

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The heat that can result from continuous use can eventually cause the lithium ion batteries in most phones to degrade. Method 2. Use a hard reset as a last resort for serious issues. Despite its similar name, a hard reset has very different effects than a soft reset.

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Hard resets restore your phone to its factory state. This means that all of your personal data, including your apps, messages, and contacts, are deleted and your phone becomes essentially a "blank slate. Situations that might call for a hard reset include: [7] You experience frequent errors that don't seem to get better with other fixes Your phone's software is corrupted Your phone is infested with viruses or malicious applications you can't seem to get rid of. Charge your battery and back up your important data. There's no "coming back" from a hard reset, so it's vital that you prepare by making a backup copy of any important files, images, or documents on your phone that you want to keep.

Once you perform your hard reset, it's unlikely that you'll be able to get them back. In addition, you'll want to make sure your battery is at least most of the way charged — running out of battery in the middle of the hard reset process can lead to serious errors. Use the "Factory data reset" option under the settings menu. There are several ways to hard reset your Galaxy Ace.

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The first is probably the simplest — simply go into your phone's settings menu the icon looks like a silver gear , then tap the "User and backup" or "Backup and reset" option, then finally tap "Factory data reset. Another way to perform a hard reset on your phone is to type this code into your phone exactly as you would if you were dialing a phone number.

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Hit the "call" button to start the hard reset process. Note that you should not get a confirmation message with this method. Alternatively, hold the home, volume up, and power buttons. One final way to perform a hard reset is to hold these three buttons while the phone is powered off. Release these buttons when the samsung logo appears. Note that you will still need battery charge to do this.

Leave your phone alone as the reset process begins. It should eventually boot into a special stripped-down menu with various system options listed. Wait for the reset to finish. At this point, your phone will begin to work through the reset process without any further input from you. At this point, all you need to do is wait for the operation to complete.

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  5. This can take several minutes — be patient. When it's done, you may select the "Reboot system now" option from the menu or simply use the power button to restart your phone. After a successful hard reset, your phone should look and behave exactly like it did when you first bought it.