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Hello Thae Nu San. Hi, your guide was really helpful and I was able to create the ringtones for my iPhone quite easily but the problem arises with alert tones.

They just come under Ringtones and yes I did make sure that the alert tones are for no more than 10 seconds each, some of them being just for 2 seconds. Please help me resolve this and once again Thank You so much for guide it was really helpful and a piece of cake to follow up the entire process! You must be logged in to post a comment. Step 6: Rename.

Review: The iPhone 3G was worth the wait

For Windows user, especially for Windows 8 and Windows 7 user, file extension will not show until you unhide extensions for known file types. Then click on file name and change the file extension to. Step 7: Add the. Jeff says:. November 10, at am. Log in to Reply. Shoaib Chaudhry says:. February 7, at am. Marina says:. November 14, at pm.

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‎Ringtones for iPhone! (music) on the App Store

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How To Put Ringtones On iPhone 3G

April 20, at am. Fee says:. May 5, at am. Rhys says:. May 6, at pm. Nekoko says:. June 11, at pm. Anjli says:. July 7, at am. Johne says:. September 1, at pm. Cat says:. September 16, at pm. Shantal says:. November 2, at am. November 3, at am. November 5, at am. November 6, at am. November 6, at pm. Gaurav says:. November 13, at am. Aslam says:. November 16, at pm. Zee says:. Donja says:. Mac says:. December 5, at am. The iPhone 3G's GPS technology could pinpoint my location to within less than five feet in almost any location I tried.

And despite some concerns among veteran GPS users that the iPhone might take a long time to acquire GPS signals and calculate a position, I found it could do so within a minute on each try. That said, some structures like the year-old brick brownstone in which I live can impede the iPhone's ability to reliably acquire GPS signals.

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  • How to Make Ringtones/Alerts/Text tones on iTunes 12 in Mac/Windows.
  • If that happens, the iPhone 3G will fall back on the triangulation method. To clue you in on which method is being used, the images displayed in the Maps application will vary. Real GPS locations are displayed as 3-D blue dots; locations based on the less precise method are shown with the same two dimensional blue circles used on older iPhones. GPS capability is also fully real-time, so you can monitor your progress on a map or satellite image view or a hybrid view as you move either on foot or by car from place to place.

    The feature also integrates well with Google Maps when you use that application to find directions. I should note that the Maps application also integrates well with other address-sensitive features on the iPhone either model such as contact addresses or the search feature. While turn-by-turn navigation isn't yet available on the iPhone 3G, the combination of GPS and Maps is a fully usable alternative. Move over Garmin. I also can't help pointing out the cool factor -- or, depending on your point of view, the scary, big-brother factor -- of using the GPS capabilities with a satellite view or hybrid map view.

    I'm just not sure if it's closer to James Bond or Minority Report. One of the real advantages of built-in GPS support is that any iPhone developer can now use the iPhone 3G's location services. Several free applications currently available through the App Store already use this feature, including the LoopT social networking app and Near Pics, which displays photos of landmarks near wherever you happen to be. As more developers find innovative ways to offer location-based services, the GPS advantages will only grow. Of course, not all new features are specific to the iPhone 3G.

    The iPhone 2. The biggest is support for third-party applications via the App Store , which exists as both a stand-alone application on the iPhone itself and as a segment of the iTunes Store, allowing users to browse, purchase and download applications from the device itself or via their computers. With more than applications of many different types already available -- we're talking about everything from games to foreign language phrase books to dedicated social networking tools -- the App Store is a boon for any iPhone user.

    With about a quarter of the applications available for free, there's no reason for any iPhone owner to not be excited. Although it took Apple a year to bring officially supported third-party apps to the iPhone, the results are worth the care and planning that went into the process. The App Store is easy to navigate, either with the iPhone or through iTunes, and it offers one-stop shopping.

    Users can even post reviews and comments to help guide would-be app users. Unlike other mobile platforms, with the iPhone you don't have to search for or browse various Web sites to buy an app -- eliminating the confusion many novice users associate with finding applications for their devices.

    Nor are there any concerns about installation: simply buy or download the application and it installs itself, either directly when downloaded from the App Store to the iPhone or during a sync when downloaded through iTunes. And those applications are backed during the syncing process. Equally obvious, given the range of features included in many applications, is that Apple wanted developers to take advantage of many of the iPhone's innovative technologies.

    Location-based services, the ability to use the iPhone's touch screen, direct access to the built-in camera and the ability to track movement of the iPhone using its directional sensors permeate the third-party apps now available. The directional controls used in many of the games add a whole new dimension to mobile gaming and, in combination with the graphics and touch-screen capabilities, turn the iPhone into a mobile gaming as well as computing and communications platform.

    I can't possibly review all of the individual applications available, but I will say that whether you're considering a new iPhone 3G or simply installing the iPhone 2. Given the quality of the applications and the temptation to buy, you could spend a lot of money in the App Store.

    Waiting is the hardest part

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    Latest Insider. Business Tech. Mobile Tech. Digital Downloads. Best Places to Work. Resource Library. Check out the latest Insider stories here. More from the IDG Network. The 10 most annoying tactics of technology companies. Windows 10 Redstone: A guide to the Insider Preview builds. How to use a smartphone as a mobile hotspot. Waiting is the hardest part For anyone buying and activating a new iPhone 3G , Friday was all about waiting. Comparisons with the first iPhone The very first thing I noticed about the iPhone 3G compared to the original model is that it's slightly heavier.

    Apple Inc. Bring on the apps Of course, not all new features are specific to the iPhone 3G.