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Read on to get our take. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is a solid mid-range device, but you can buy similar phones for less -- or better ones for not much more. Since the Galaxy S4 Mini bears the same name as the flagship device released earlier this year, it should simply be a miniaturized version, right? Not so fast. While the Mini -- which comes in both black and white color options -- possesses many of the same traits as its elder sibling, they're mostly related to external design and basic firmware.

On the outside, the family resemblance is obvious. The front features a camera on the top-right corner, with a hardware home button on the bottom flanked by two capacitive keys menu and back , while the back houses the 8-megapixel camera and LED flash in the same vertical arrangement as on the GS4. It also takes advantage of the same build techniques as the GS4, which means you're once again getting a polycarbonate construction and checkerboard pattern.

In terms of hardware, that's ultimately where the commonalities cease. As you'd expect, the 4. After reviewing so many big smartphones, we find it a little weird to switch back to a device that our fingers can actually wrap around. At In humid climates, this actually comes in quite handy, as the slippery contours of the phone would make it much easier to pop right out of our sweaty hands -- an issue we sometimes encountered with the GS4.

It's also incredibly light, weighing in at just 3.

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Underneath the 1,mAh battery, you'll find a micro-SIM slot and a microSD reader -- the latter on top of the former -- which is a change from the GS4's layout the two slots were set apart from each other and could be accessed without yanking out the battery. Under the hood is a dual-core 1. The Mini also features a scant 8GB of internal storage, which doesn't leave much room for your own personal enjoyment, especially after you take into account both the OS and Samsung's TouchWiz UI.

One of our biggest hardware gripes is the lackluster 4. Needless to say, this is a considerable drop in quality from the GS4, whose screen resolution is a full p. The majority of the phone's other specs are at least somewhat enticing for most average users, so we're not sure why Samsung chose to cut corners in this department just for comparison, the HTC One mini features a p S-LCD3 display.

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Unless the company just had a bunch of stockpiled qHD panels it was trying to get rid of; that would sort of make sense, given that the Galaxy S4 Zoom also uses the same display. Fortunately, there's a silver lining here. Despite the lack of sharpness and resolution, the display at least offers above-average viewing angles and is moderately easy to read at full brightness in direct sunlight though we can't say the same when you turn the brightness setting down. In many ways, Samsung smartphones running TouchWiz are just like Windows Phones in the sense that the user experience is incredibly consistent from one device to another.

The Mini, which runs Android 4. While some original GS4 features have been included in the Mini, however, even more were left out. That said, we don't take much issue there, since we found most of those features to only be ideal for a few niche users and are more processor-intensive than they're worth, but we can't argue that there are some people who would find them useful.

So, what features didn't make the cut? It does, however, offer live thumbnails in the video app, as well as pop-up movies so you can watch something while doing actual work getting other tasks taken care of. Otherwise, the Mini offers nothing we haven't seen before.

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This is the same old TouchWiz, which makes sense, since Samsung usually waits for the flagship devices to unveil brand-new features. Long-pressing the menu key takes you into Google Now, while the same action on the home button will pull up recent apps. However, doing this on the back button results in nothing at all; this is normally reserved on TouchWiz for Multi-Window, but Samsung probably decided that the experience wouldn't be worthwhile on a smaller device.

Much like Samsung's other mid-tier smartphones in , the Mini comes packed with an 8MP rear camera as well as a 1. With it you'll enjoy the full suite of adjustable settings, such as white balance, ISO, exposure, HDR and a large number of filters and modes. Images at the camera's highest resolution are , though a option is available using 6MP. The user interface should be familiar to anyone who's played with a GS4 or other recent Samsung device.

You'll find the shutter keys for both stills and video on the right rail, while filters peek out at you from an arrow at the bottom of the viewfinder. Settings can be accessed either from a button on the top-left corner or by pressing the menu key. While the phone doesn't feature a hardware shutter key, the settings allow you to convert the volume rocker into one.

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As it turns out, there aren't any major surprises when it comes to image quality, either. Pictures tend to be slightly oversaturated, though most of the shots we took were at least detailed. Often, the camera had difficulty reconciling areas of low and high exposure within the same shot, so we had to rely on HDR to balance the two -- fortunately, images looked great in this mode, and we didn't hesitate to use it in multiple situations.

We were a bit disappointed that the Mini has a shutter lag of roughly two seconds, which becomes a problem when you're trying to take pictures of moving objects -- or children.

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This was also a concern with the GS4. Low-light pictures look pretty dark on auto settings, but Night Mode enhances images by grabbing more errant light while also reproducing colors in an accurate way. There's still a lot of noise, although we believe the performance in that regard is on par for a device in this class.

We were also impressed by the quality of our sample video footage.

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The rear camcorder records movies at a max resolution of p with 30 fps frame rate and When we played our masterpieces on a computer, it appeared much closer to actual HD quality than what we've seen from comparable devices. Touch focus is an option here, though continuous autofocus is the default setting. We were also incredibly happy with how well the audio turned out recorded at Kbps with 48 kHz sampling rate ; in the sample video embedded above, we were situated right next to the loudspeakers, yet the recorded sound was clear and not at all overbearing.

The Galaxy S4 Mini uses a 1. The physical design is slimmer and lighter compared to the Galaxy S3 , which is the Samsung Galaxy third generation model.

Samsung enhanced the previous model to a smarter phone that uses a Gorilla Glass 3, which protects it's superior screen with a measurement of 5 inches. It has a Super Amoled feature panel that provides pixels per inch density. Has major physical issues.

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