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Be sure to check it out at the link below. It supports most devices running OS 4. When it comes to choosing a theme, I love being struck by surprise. In this case, this quite original design caught my eye while going through BlackBerry World. This design is filled with all sorts of graphical delights theme lovers will enjoy. As a warning, due to the level of customization, it does have that icon issue in folder for OS 7 devices. As a science fiction fan this is quite a delightful design.

What makes it stand out is UFO wallpapers, the uniqe application icon arrangement on the home screen, the color scheme, custom icon set, sharp blue highlights, and those easy to read fonts. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and there is no better way to show your support than with this lovely theme. That inspiriting symbol makes an appearance throughout the theme whether as the wallpaper or notification icons.

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Matching pink colors and are present in all of the menus, dialog, and popup boxes. There is nothing quite like a fresh and original design to liven up your handset. As the name implies it is a clean theme and all of the elements are quite balanced and pleasing to the eyes. From top to bottom, there are a variety of customizations for the avid theme lover to enjoy including a solid icon set, unique homescreen layout, custom fonts and colors, and beautiful backgrounds on every screen.

It is also available in additional color variants which you can find here. Please note that due to the level of customization, icons in folders will be hidden. Another great theme to rock for a good cause is this bright and pleasant offering. I found this in the forums awhile ago and thought now is a perfect time to bring it to the forefront for everyone to see.

While it may not be wallpaper friendly, it does a great job of showcasing the pink ribbon front and center on the homescreen. Looking for a theme that mixes exciting combinations of bold and bright colors? You've certainly come to the right place with this vivid blue and purple design. Further enhancing this effect are the blue masterpiece icons which stand out against those radiant backgrounds Simple and elegant, it is sure to give your device a different look and feel.

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Tutibreaker updated their popular theme as a special edition for only Torch OS 7 devices. They overhauled the design and icon set specifically for those BlackBerry handsets. It features custom colors and backgrounds and minor changes here and there for those who prefer the default UI. They've been diligently working on this update and it is nice to see the final result available for purchase.

Halloween is right around the corner and what better way to be prepared for this annual night of costumes and candy then with another edition of our Halloween Theme Roundup!

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Now I've scoured the usual theme haunts to bring you some great designs to make sure your device is all dressed up and ready to go for Halloween night. Next week we'll bring you our regular roundup so if you have a theme you want to share or see featured, send it in to themeroundup[at]crackberry.

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Until then, be sure to check out these spooky picks. As far back as I can remember, the Halloween ghost is a staple of this scary holiday. As no night would be complete without him, now you can have it right on your BlackBerry device to haunt you all throughout the day.

This paranormal delight is filled with all sorts of customized elements including a clean icon set, hidden today, Halloween style colors, and ghost themed wallpapers on all of the screens. As a general rule, in my opinion, cute and scary don't normally go together. In this case, however, I'll make an exception.

If you love that adorable little feline then be sure to catch her all decked out in her werewolf costume ready for an evening of trick-or-treating. With its extremely detailed icon set, custom colors and highlights, and delightful wallpapers, this is another theme you won't want to miss. There is nothing like a smooth and simple theme with a splash of color to help celebrate this spooky holiday. While it makes minor changes to the interface, it does offer purple hues, purple spider focus icons, and haunted house backgrounds.

Bright and fast it is entirely free to download so be sure to give it a whirl. No theme roundup would be complete without another sensational design from BB Freaks. This year he decided to dazzle us with an graphic overload that is aimed primarily at all the theme loving CrackBerry men out there. There are witches, pumpkins, gorgeous wallpapers, customized folder backgrounds for select devices, custom focus icons, and even the grim reaper makes an appearance.

It is fully compatible with all OS 6, 7, and 7. Before sending you off to enjoy all the delicious candy you've collected there is this final selection. Another symbol synonymous with Halloween is the pumpkin. As such, it gets center stage in this theme thanks to that electrifying background. This simple design features an orange custom icon set, low file size, and Halloween colors throughout.

First up this week is another cute and delightful design from popular developer Themerzz. It's one of those themes you glance at and instantly melt. It features pastel colors, custom mesenger notification and indicators, an adorable icon set, semi-transparent menus and dialog boxes, birthday wallpapers, and a matching redesigned top banner. MoNoKuRiN dropped us a line about one of their latest aptly titled for the adorable animals on the homescreen. This one is skinned from top to bottom and customizes just about every element on the display. There are custom fonts, colors, icons, battery and signal meters, redesigned banner, and cute wallpapers.

There's nothing quite like a simple and clean theme that offers the quality of a premium one for free. For those who call their favorite color pink, this floral design blends high quality graphics with a low file size. Pink Flowers features pink icons, curly font, pink flower navigator and customized lock screen, popup boxes, and menus that match the overall style. I'm always searching for themes that are unique and don't just modify a few elements of the interface. This one certainly fits the bill with its chalkboard motif evident throughout all of the screens and menus.

With its chalk inspired icon set, redesigned top banner, custom fonts and meters, and five beautiful blackboard backgrounds, it's sure to give your device a whole new look feel. It is compatible with most BlackBerry devices running OS 4. Are you a monster fan? If so, then be sure to check out this high octane design. As the latest and greatest of CJH, it features their signature minimalist icon dock at the bottom that can be hidden with a simple swipe up or down on the trackpad.

Rounding out this design are custom fonts, meters, and a large clock in the bottom left. While icons in folders may be hidden, it does an excellent job of showing off your favorite wallpapers. First up this week is another delightful design from popular developer BB Freaks. Though it may be getting colder in my part of the country it is nice to have a refreshing and colorful theme on my display to remind me of warmer times. Filled with Earth tones, colors, icons and backgrounds, you can't help but be amazed by the level of detail. It's bright, lively, and certainly brings out the best in your display.

BB Freaks never fails to deliver a solid offering that is compatible with all OS 6 and 7 devices. If you love cars or racing and want a little extra juice on your device then you should try this eye-popping theme on for size. This unique and stylish design offers semi-transparent menus, striking red and black hues, their custom BlackBerry 10 icon set, custom top banner, battery and signal meters, and distinctive wallpapers. It gives your compatible BlackBerry an entirely new look and feel all owing to the fact that it is clean and smooth.

On the prowl for something completely out of the ordinary for your handset? Skinned from top to bottom, just about every element on the homescreen has been modified in one form or another to give you an amazing theme. Not to mention the blue icon set and eye-popping wallpapers that fill out the rest of the science fiction design. Now that December is finally here the time has come to focus on more important things, the Holidays! There are holiday themed wallpapers, colors, and icons, animated icons, custom designed dialog boxes, menus, and popups, and landscape support for Torch devices.

If you fancy replica themes and are looking to dress up your device as another operating system there is one sent in by BerryZA. It may be simple with only minor changes to the stock UI but but it still retains the BlackBerry experience we all know and love even with the metro icons. See you all next time. Howdy CrackBerry nation! Another exciting week has come to pass on the blogs this week which brings us one week closer to the Passport!

If you haven't already, and I'm sure you have, just a quick reminder to enter our Win a BlackBerry Passport contest. The launch events are less than two weeks away so who out there is excited? Finally, how could I not mention that this week marks the 15th Anniversary of Mobile Nations. My has the time flown and what an adventure it has been. Now it is time to bring you this week's picks for all your passionate BlackBerry addicts out there. You can find each app and game by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite did not make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

It has been a while since I featured a theme and, being the addict that I am, couldn't help but notice this delightful selection in the storefront. This notepad motif fits in perfectly with it being back to school month. Rounding out this theme are eye-popping colors and redesigned top banner. This is a solid choice for your compatible BlackBerry device and with BB Freaks they always run smooth with no battery drain. Next up this week is a native, feature rich Panoramio viewer for BlackBerry Using this application grants you access to tens of millions of pictures from around the world on the geolocation-oriented photo sharing site in a variety of ways.

The drop-down list conveniently lets you search by location, either by address, coordinates, map, or current GPS location. Once that is selected, you simply choose how you want the search results to appear, called gallery type, on your device such as list, grid, slideshow and Map layer. Furthermore, the application provides details for every image including title, author, upload date, coordinates, and the direct link to the Panoramio page. If there is one thing I know I struggle with sometimes its being able to manage my shopping lists. I forget and leave it home and basically wind up walking up and down every aisle in the store.

This application offers various features to make sure you do not forget anything on your next trip. It allows you to create quick lists by tapping on the preloaded categories, manage your window-shopping activities by grouping them by shop, date, and name, add reminders to your shopping lists, and export and share your lists. All-in-all navigation is simple and the awesome interface gives you quick access to all of your items. Sometimes you just want a game that requires little brainpower but offers a lot of fun.

This free game in the Amazon Appstore is certainly that. The concept is not difficult to follow at all. Your objective is to race over the landscape and abduct the cows all the while blasting the farmers. You will have to maneuver your spaceship around the countryside, avoiding the obstacles laid down in your path including fake cows, scarecrow decoys, fake cow combs and more. It is easy, fun, offers great graphics, and is free to download. How to install Android apps from the Amazon Appstore. In this day and age people continue to send text messages.

At a former employer of mine, the main form of communication was SMS when you weren't in the office and had to get things done. Sometimes I would find myself forwarding those texts to my work email so I would have a record of what to add to my to-do list. This handy application allows you to automatically send those messages so that not only can you read them on your email client, but easily back them up as well.

It is easy to use and setup, will alert you via ringtone, LED, or vibrate when a message is forwarded, auto reply to SMS if configured in settings, and allows you to send the "sent SMS from hub" to email as well. If you are looking for a great game, our resident expert James Richardson showcased this gem of a puzzle game this past week. Your goal is to prevent the blue dot from reaching the edge by inserting orange dots by tapping on the grid.

Easier said than done, it will keep you occupied for hours not to mention give the old noggin a workout. It may have a simplistic concept but after a while all you will think about is how to win. Of course, you can always find the latest and greatest top editor's picks in the CrackBerry App Gallery. Are there any apps or games you would like to see? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments. Are you the publisher?

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