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After you receive the points you can delete the app from your device. We have plenty of gift cards that can get you free music, in-app purchases, like gems and other gaming resources, plus much more! Which means you can redeem that free cash even faster! Most of our users can accumulate enough points for a free gift card within just 10 downloads! That's right, we're the fastest paying out cash app!! It's best to check daily for new offers, since some are only out for 24 hours. Invite your friends to download Cash for Apps and enter your unique referral code upon registration.

They receive 20 points to start, and you get 90 points as soon as they download their first app! Already have our iOS version? Don't sweat it.. Download Cash for Apps on any other device and log into your original account to receive more points for downloads on the same account! Just note that your points notification will only show on your original device. Need More Information? Reviews Review Policy. View details. We downloaded and tested each one of these apps to make sure we only included apps that work.

There are five different types of GPT get-paid-to mobile apps that give free gift cards. These are: multi-purpose apps, shopping apps, app discovery apps, survey apps, and lock screen apps. The apps on this list are sorted into sections based on their type.

You can click on the following links to jump to the section that interests you the most. Here are our seven favorite free gift card apps we recommend to anyone. These are perfect apps for beginners and experienced online money-makers alike. So there you go, those are our favorite apps on this list. If not, get on it. This first section is all about apps which offer a large variety of ways to earn gift cards. Swagbucks is the most well-known reward app for a good reason.

Out of all the apps on this huge list, Swagbucks offers the largest number of ways you can earn points. And of course, the more points you earn the more free gift cards you can cash out. Swagbucks will pay you for doing things that most of you already do online. These activities include: searching the web, watching videos, shopping online, playing games, and taking surveys.

Swagbucks offers almost too many different ways to earn points in our opinion. They have 8 different apps for iPhone users to choose from only two for Android along with their website and browser toolbar. You can easily end up spending way too much time earning points. Doing that will make earning points seem effortless and allow the points to rack up day after day until you cash them out. Ideal user: We definitely recommend trying out this app to anybody looking to earn some money online doing normal online activities. How you get paid: You can cash out your points via PayPal or exchange them for gift cards to big-name retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Steam, eBay, Starbucks and many more.

Platform: Web, iOS, Android. MyPoints is owned by the same company that owns Swagbucks. MyPoints did start off as a cash-back program for online shopping. But over the years it has become more like Swagbucks where you can earn points for a variety of activities. But, we have noticed that it seems easier to earn points in Swagbucks. But luckily, you can sign up for both programs and earn double the points! One benefit of using MyPoints is that they have relationships with lots of travel companies which means you can redeem your points for travel miles.

You can even earn points by booking your travel through MyPoints! Ideal user: MyPoints, like Swagbucks, is perfect for anybody wanting to earn some extra spending money by doing normal online activities. How to earn points: You earn points by searching the web, read emails, watch videos, do surveys, shop online, get alerts and a few other methods. How you get paid: You can cash out your points via PayPal, or by trading them in for travel miles, or by exchanging points for gift cards.

Platform: Web, iOS, and Android. CashCrate is another great platform to make easy money. The best way to make money with CashCrate is by filling out surveys. However, you can also earn cash by playing games, watching videos, signing up for free stuff, shopping online and referring friends to the platform. Unfortunately, CashCrate is a little behind the times. They only offer a website and Android app. Apple users should check out Swagbucks instead. Ideal user: Android users who like filling out surveys and prefer to be paid in cash rather than gift cards.

How to earn points: The highest paying activity is filling out surveys. But you can also earn points by playing games, watching videos, signing up for free promotional stuff, shopping online and referring friends. How you get paid: CashCrate will redeem your points for cash via PayPal. Platform: Web and Android. Bing Rewards is one of the best ways to monetize your use of the web, simply by searching the web using Bing or downloading apps from the Microsoft store.

But, Bing has also gone mobile with its iOS and Android app so you can earn on the go! Use it the same way as you would on your computer by searching the web through the app. You can get paid to use the Bing search engine on your computer or mobile device with Microsoft Rewards.

They also offer additional bonus points with daily quizzes and promotional offers. Bonus points can be redeemed for Microsoft Store credit that lets you buy music, movies, games, and Microsoft software.

10 Best Free Gift Card Apps To Download Today

You can truly earn points every time you put a search term into your browser address bar! Microsoft Rewards Bing is one of the easiest ways to earn by searching the web. You just have to be logged into your Microsoft account while searching Bing to earn points. You can also get points for downloading apps from the Microsoft store. Level up by earning points and each time you level up you earn points faster.

How to earn points: You earn points by using Bing to search and for downloading apps from the Microsoft Store. How much you need before you can cash out: Since you can redeem points towards Microsoft purchases, there is no minimum point How you get paid: Microsoft Rewards program allows you to redeem any points you earn towards Microsoft purchases, including an Xbox One. You also have the option to redeem gift cards or get straight cash through PayPal. Platform: Web, Android, and iOS.

Perk , like Swagbucks, offers many different ways to earn points. You can watch videos, search the web, complete promotions, play games and more.

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But, unlike Swagbucks, each of these methods has their own app. You can open the app up, choose to autoplay the videos, mute your phone, and then sit back and relax while earning points! If you do this regularly, your points can add up quite a bit.


Ideal user: Going on a road trip? Boring job? Put your phone on autoplay and earn points while doing other activities. Perk is perfect for multi-tasking. How to earn points: You can earn points with Perk with a variety of methods. The one we recommend is to watch videos on autoplay. How you get paid: You can cash out via PayPal or exchange your points for free gift cards.

Platform: Android and iOS. While it may sound like only a shopping rewards app, you actually earn virtual points by doing a variety of online activities such as playing games, doing surveys, completing offers and much more. Of course, you can also earn points by shopping. One of the biggest advantages Points2Shop has over other rewards apps is their huge variety of rewards you can exchange your points for.

Earn enough points and you can exchange it for big-ticket items like a new gaming console! Ideal user: Points2Shop is great for people who want to earn rewards on-the-go easily and enjoy a large variety of prizes to choose from.

13 Sneaky Ways to Get Free Gift Cards (Apple, Amazon, Visa & More)

How to earn points: You earn points by shopping, playing games, surveys, completing offers and more. However, you can use your points to buy ANY item on Amazon. So the minimum payout is the lowest priced item you can find on Amazon that you want. How you get paid: As I mentioned above, you can use your points to get an Amazon gift card OR any item on the Amazon online store. InboxDollars is a great platform to earn some extra spending money by doing pretty much anything online. The is how it works: brands hire InboxDollars for consumer input. InboxDollars enlists help from people like you and me.

We do online activities like take surveys, read emails, shop online, and watch videos. InboxDollars rewards us with free gift cards or cash for helping them collect information. The best thing about them is that you can get rewarded for doing activities you were going to do anyway. You can download the iOS app or the Android app. Ideal user: We recommend InboxDollars to anyone looking to earn rewards and cash with a free app.

How to earn points: You earn points by doing a variety of online tasks such as: read emails, search the web, watch videos, play games, enter promotions, take surveys and more. How you get paid: Redeem your reward points for free gift cards or PayPal cash.


EarningStation rewards you for consistency. If you use the app on a daily basis, they offer a streak bonus. Visit 10 days in a row for a double point bonus. There are daily tasks like a poll, video, and survey which earn you points for completing. EarningStation also offers more ways to earn points by reading sponsored email, playing games, shopping with Groupon and referring your friends. Ideal user: This site is great for people who are consistent. The Earning Streak bonus comes in clutch. How to earn points: You earn points by doing a variety of daily tasks on the site.

How you get paid: Redeem your hard-earned points for gift cards. Earning station has a huge selection of gift cards to choose from. Platform: Web only. PointsPrizes is another GPT get-paid-to app that rewards you for a variety of online activities. These activities include surveys, daily polls, web games, videos and promo offers.

You can join almost 9 million other people do these tasks for points which you can exchange for gift cards. Unlike some apps that offer a limited amount of activities, PointsPrizes claims to have over 10, different ways to earn points live at a time. Ideal user: For people who are bored with Swagbucks, try PointsPrizes to maximize your gift card collection. How to earn points: You earn points through a variety of different methods. Shopping apps reward you in multiple ways. Some of them allow you to earn cash back on online or in-store purchases.

Sometimes you can earn gift cards by uploading pictures of your receipts. Others, like ShopTracker, you just have to download and keep it installed to keep on earning. Do you shop at Amazon? Shoptracker is the most passive gift-card earning app on this list. Check out our complete review of Shoptracker. Well worth the effort in our opinion. These are the best kind of gift cards because you can use it pretty much anywhere that accepts credit cards. CheckPoints is an app whose mission is to reward you for doing what you already do daily: use your smartphone and shopping.

You can also earn points similarly to other multi-task sites like Swagbucks through watching videos, searching, etc. But the main way to earn points is by scanning the barcodes of featured items, going into certain stores, and making purchases of featured items. In this respect, CheckPoints is very similar to ShopKick. CheckPoints also allows you to enter into regular giveaways where you can win even more gift cards, shopping sprees, and free gas cards.

The cost of entering ranges from points but the possible rewards are comparable to 10, — 50, point rewards. Ideal user: If the idea of a treasure hunt in a grocery store sounds appealing than you have to try this app. How to earn points: You earn points by finding and scanning the barcode of featured items, checking into stores, and purchasing featured items.

You can also now earn points by doing other multi-task stuff, like searching the web, watching videos, etc. So the minimum amount of points you need to cash out is pretty low. How you get paid: CheckPoints actually gives you a variety of options when it comes to cashing out points. You can exchange them for gift cards to most large retailers. You can also exchange them for merchandise directly. For example, you can use your points to buy a tablet. Ever wanted to be a mystery shopper? With Mobee you can try it out! The missions normally consist of going into a store, taking some pictures and answering a few survey questions.

If you live in an area short on retail stores, you have to drive some distance to complete a mission. Ideal user: If you enjoy shopping or run lots of errands, then we definitely recommend checking out Mobee. How to earn points: You earn points by visiting a store and answering some questions about your experience. How you get paid: With Mobee you can actually donate your earnings to a charity! ReceiptHog is another great way to make some extra money just by doing a tiny bit extra work during your daily errands.

All you have to do is download the app and snap a pic of your receipt every time you go shopping.

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The receipt you take pictures of are used for market research which is how ReceiptHog can afford to pay you for doing such a simple task. All the data they collect is completely anonymous according to them. Of course the higher the cost of the items on your receipt, the larger coin bonus you get for uploading it to ReceiptHog. They also recently added a way for you to connect your Amazon account, which means you can earn coins when you buy things online at Amazon too.

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Ideal user : This is a great app for anyone who frequently goes shopping. How to earn points: You earn points snapping pics of your receipts. How you get paid: You can choose between an Amazon gift card or PayPal cash. Ahh, Shopkick , one of the best app out there for shoppers. Shopkick rewards you for visiting stores, browsing scanning barcodes and buying certain items they are promoting.

One of the greatest things about Shopkick is that you can combine it with another shopping rewards app to double down on the rewards you earn! For example, pairing it with Mobee is a good idea! Ideal user: This is THE app for anyone who frequently goes shopping. How to earn points: You earn points by visiting promoted stores, scanning barcodes of promoted items and buying promoted items.

Which adds up fast, especially in a mall with multiple stores.

Ebates is a shopping app that gives you cash back for buying things online through their affiliate links. Which means, for each purchase you make through their links, Ebates earns a commission from the retailer. Ebates then splits the commission with you! They have partnered with over 2, online stores to offer you cash back rewards. Ideal user: Ebates is the best app for earning cash back for online shopping.

How to earn points: You earn points by making purchases online through Ebates links. How you get paid: With Ebates you can choose to get paid via PayPal or exchange your rewards for gift cards.