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Update, I used adb to push the googleServicesFramework. But camera switch button gives a force close every time. Pingback: Google talk video chat? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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It still feels like you're typing with two fingers glued together, and Andy Rubin didn't offer us much hope on that front. Many other improvements involve apps. Like the Android Market, which finally has an "update all apps" button—or you can even allow apps to update themselves automatically, if you trust them. Android now has a built-in, legit task manager, and while it's a little too deep in the settings, you can kill unruly apps that gobble memory.

Thankfully, I haven't had to do so in 2. You can move apps to the SD card, which is a big deal since you were previously limited to however many apps would fit within the puny internal storage in the phone. This appears to be something developers have to allow, since only a couple of apps gave me the option to do so. And, while I haven't tested this since I'm using the same phone and I don't think any apps support the API yet , apps can back up your data, so when you move to a new phone, all of your inner-app data will show up with the fresh install.

Check the box, and you're sharing your 3G connection over Wi-Fi with any device you want.

Here comes the substitute of Google Talk that is putting things hard to WhatsApp

Security is limited to WPA2, unfortunately, making integration with older devices difficult. It also works while charging, so why even bother with tethering? The official Twitter app is built-in, much like Facebook has been since Android 2.

Samsung Galaxy TAB 7" - Google Talk

The setup is automagical, though if it screws up the pairing—say if somebody's Twitter handle gets assigned to the wrong person—good luck fixing it. Still, the effect is charming, especially if a contact is as deeply tied into Google as you are, since every avenue by which you could possibly want to contact them is at your fingertips. On the flip side, Google's contact management within Gmail is still pretty horrendous.

Accounts are improved in a few ways. For me, the most important is that now you can see calendars from every Google account on the phone, whereas before only calendars from one primary account synced. But serious corporate users get some of the love too, since Exchange calendars work now as well.

Google Talk update brings video chat to your Android device

I didn't test any of the Exchange administrator features, like remote wipe, but I'll say being able to set a real alphanumeric passcode for the screenlock instead of a grease-trail-reside gesture sounds much, much improved. Some of the most impressive stuff that Google showed off last week is still a ways off—features that we know are coming but won't make it into Froyo.

The current built-in music app is as clunky and ugly as ever, and managing music on the phone is not nearly as easy as it should be. But Google's Simply Media-powered streaming demo, which was demonstrated streaming an entire library from a home computer to a phone, wouldn't just fix the sync issue, it would leapfrog what everybody else currently offers.

Hangouts for Android - Free Download

Though the unlimited streaming Zune Pass for Kin would be a close second. Also, no third-party apps are currently using the upcoming cloud-to-device messaging service Google showed off—it's like push notifications on the iPhone, but super-powered, so you could send links and even begin app downloads on your phone from, say, your desktop browser.

Update : The Chrome-to-Phone extension is live , and it works for the basic things Google showed, like sending links, maps, and YouTube videos from your browser to the phone. Download free Safe download 0 downloads last 7 days. Here comes the substitute of Google Talk that is putting things hard to WhatsApp.

Skype 2.1 (for Android)

Hangouts substitutes Talk is the new messaging system unified in Google, available for smartphones and tablets Android, iPhone and computers. With this app, Google says Good Bye to Google Talk , nut not because it disappears, but because with the new Hangouts, the text conversations and videoconferences are integrated in the same app, with several different options, like the possibilitiy to share pictures and more than smileys so you have a lot of fun with your friends.

One of the best characteristics of Hangouts is that you can use it from your tablet, computer or your smartphone, so you will be able to comunicate with all your friends no matter the devices you and that they are using. This new service of instant messaging and free from Google gives you the opportunity to chat with your contacts, privately or in groups, with support to share pictures and smileys, similar to the apps of WhatsApp or Line , but it also offers you a function to do videocalls in a simple way and with groups uo to 10 people.

It will also offer you the message history and videocalls , besides an album in which you can see all the shared pictures in a Hangout.

Talk for free on your phone

If you want to chat free with all your contacts and be able to see their faces through videoconferences in group , share pictures, send smileys and, definetely, not stop talking to your friends and family, install Hangouts in your Android device. Discover the new system that unifies messaging and in the multiplatform of Google and enjoy time in a different way.

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