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Also Waze tells you about stand still traffic build up during whole trip, plus broken down cars on the side of the road and other hazards. It is not practice, the routes are kind weird and I ended so many times in wrong directions when working as a driver. It will work where Google won't. The map is updated from time to time. I also use sygic offline, most of the time. I have been using the app for 2 years or so, on my HTC phone.

Google Maps will now help drivers stay within speed limits, avoid speed traps

I purchased a lifetime subscription, can't remember how much, but not much more than the annual sub. It is also very accurate for seeing your speed. In the last years, I have used Google Maps less and less. Here is why:. Yep, Google does the same but without precision, unless you pre-download the are where you are going. Using Google makes it collect everything about your life, where you go, which frequency, what time, etc. You can disable and delete the history but the option is hidden very deeply under your Google Account. To "sell" your data to third party companies although every single company says that it is for internal improvement which is bullshit.

Have you realised that when you make a simple search, go somewhere using google apps, you start receiving advertisements about it?

New app tells you where speed cameras, hidden cops are

The same happens with Facebook for example. I was talking with my gf about trips and voila, she opened her Facebook and what do you think was showing up there?? Yep, the subject of our conversation and we didn't google anything about it before that. I own a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus running Android, I choose the apps that can use my localization, microphone, access my contacts, messages, etc. Other than that I block the access. Some might say I am crazy, nope, I don't want platforms knowing even the colour of my underwear.

I live in Sydney and there are so many streets that there is none bloody speed sign, no plate, no street marks. IceCreamBandit: Yep, I know the rules. The theory is always more beautiful than the reality. Nahhh thanks. IceCreamBandit: Except if you turn into a street between speed limit signs that say Not much use then. I use Waze because it usually notifies me about remote speed cameras. Most people already know where the fixed ones are anyway. In regional speed can change from to 50 in a matter of meters. I know, pretty shit hey?!? If I am riding where I am not used to, I have double of attention.

So many friends were fined coz of this —'. When there are 2 kids in your car wanting to watch Frozen, then it is another story, you need to pay Triple attention. SnoozeAndLose: Let it go. Didn't think this was new. My Google maps has been doing it before xmas for me. You can report cameras as well etc. All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners.

Moved to Forum: Original Link Not sure where to post this; thought I'd post it here as a separate paid app would have been required if you used Google Maps. Mods - please move to forum if required. I think you missed the point - they're saying that they like that feature. Oops sorry I saw you were replying to rygle's comment, not the top commenter…my bad. Every morning… "Searching for network".

Sometimes she never finds the network, but somehow I still arrive at work :. Now that it is baked into Maps, I won't need the other app anymore. Which version number of MAPs? Using Android or iphone? Errr no. That intersection is the No. That thing flashes more than a strobe at an epileptic's disco. Like I said, I didn't know where to post this. I thought it was against the law to even touch your GPS while driving.

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Such as "ok Waze…report object on road" "Ok Waze…report police hidden" "Ok Waze…report minor crash" Amongst other things. Hopefully they'll add more descriptive options as they develop this capability. Thanks for the correction. Sticking with Waze. Waze reports active coppers when reported while Googlemaps doesn't. Feature is still I think under trial as many cameras are not covered….

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Online preferred, but you can download large sections of maps if needed. I still use a stand alone Tom Tom unit. Can anyone advise any benefits of the Google Maps app vs a stand alone unit. Sure Constantly updated maps. Speed camera reports, for free. Also allows users to post locations of speed traps non fixed.

Also features the currant road's speed limit and will warn when you go over. How can you not know what the speed limit is in any street? There are defaults in every city.

HALIDE: The BEST iPhone Camera App!

I use the app to know everything around me. Fines are not welcome hahahah. There is no guessing. There are defaults for unmarked streets. If you respect the speed limit, there is no need to worry about them, right?? Also state other than NSW, government can install speed camera without warning. Having extra alert is good so one thing to worry less on the road.

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SnoozeAndLose: When there are 2 kids in your car wanting to watch Frozen, then it is another story, you need to pay Triple attention. Quadruple attention. Still no speed limit love, but soon I'm hoping!

Its map has one fixed speed camera database and another dynamic database built by community users. TomTom Speed Cameras is an app that offers accurate and timely alerts for traffic jams and all types of speed cameras such as fixed, mobile and average speed. It also features voice notifications and battery saving mode. With the app, users can monitor speeds with an optimal display, activate voice warning, offline and background mode, and more.

The app features high-speed camera full HD detects speed cameras speed bumps, broken speed bad roads and live speed camera alerts. It also features chat function to share with other users for instant messages and police traps. What are the best speed camera apps for Android? When you click on it, we may receive a commission or fee. Philip Jenkins. This lets you access the content no matter where you live. This is a good solution 6.

Dolores Rivas. I avoided paying many fines thanks to this app. Sorry, something went wrong! Please try again. Rate it. This is a good solution 4. This is the app is good to use in unknown places for speed limit and cameras I can't wait to start using regularly but all good on my first venture out in my car.

Shaurya Jhadav. Just upgraded to premium. Just upgraded to premium and set a few klms above the speed limit. This is a good solution 3. Some complaining about permissions well not a problem with me. Perfect technology. Wonderful app and accurate is this app for mobile speed checks". So far it has picked up all speed limits and fixed cameras accurately. I would highly recommend the app. This is a good solution 2. Found to be a good replacement for my dedicated camera warning device stolen from my car.

This is a good solution 0.