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A great time killer. Very addictive game and good graphics. There are always new missions, titians, and wars. This is a great time killer and one of the best puzzle game's I've ever played in year's!

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Empires and puzzles is really awesome it's got great graphics and awesome gameplay. Reviewed by Antonio on April 16, I have played this game everyday for almost 4 months. It's competitive and addictive. Love the game. Easy to understand.

Straight to the point, comletitive and challenging! The game is plenty of fun and a good time killer. Great game with awesome gameplay. Not money-grabbers like some other developers. Very creative, beautiful artwork. I'm loving the strategic aspect. Overall awesome game. Reviewed by Chris on July 5, Its so addictive and fun and everyone aims for the top. I highly recommend it!

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Nice game with nice graphics. Easy to learn and play. Just not the game for me. A great game with great graphics and characters based on different folklore and myths. Diverse monster types, engaging and challenging gameplay, fun multiplayer and story mode. I would recommend this to anyone who likes strategy games and a good time killer. Awesome graphics and storyline , and awesome characters and a great time killer. Reviewed by Antonio on May 3, Very addictive twist on a classic style puzzle game.

Match tiles to attack your opponent. Excellent and challenging missions, filled with various different marvel characters. Best puzzle game peroid really cool game play. Little fustrating at times but what isn't? Great time killer. Not filled with ads. In my opinion better than candy crush by far. I havent been able to put it down.

Its like candy crush with leveling up and strategy. Reviewed by Kaylin on April 11, I've played multiple gem matching games, this game is fun, addictive, and easy to play. Really appreciate the ability to level up creatures in many ways.

Great game. Fun to play. Awesome graphics, easy controls, and great story line. Nice gameplay. You can stop playing any moment and than continue with the same results. I found this and figured I'd give it a shot. Instantly addictive and entertaining!! Crucially, PAD players never complain of feeling forced to spend money. They see it as a choice. They spend magic stones on stamina not because they feel they must, but because they feel impatient and decadent. You capture and train monsters in order to fight other monsters, moving through a succession of progressively tougher dungeons.

The combat itself is effectuated through a series of match-three puzzles, performed by gliding variously colored orbs across the screen with your fingertips. The monster and its inherent skills and strengths evolve by fusing together other monsters acquired throughout the game. Monster acquisition can be achieved by progressing through dungeons or in-app purchases.

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Shopping for monsters itself is a gamble as they are dispensed at random with the drop of a coin, or magic stone , into a monster-shaped bubble-gum machine. Collect monsters to fight monsters to feed to monsters to collect monsters. So many monsters! Over four thousand! And so much to do! PAD is a surgically precise synthesis of systems found in F2P genres that are based around motivational magnets and incentive salience. Dozens of entwined systems are working together, developing layers of positive feedback loops.

Every single monetization technique is being used in the most effective and efficient manner. Consecutive daily login bonuses and limited-timed events, such as rare monster carnivals, draw players in for a few minutes each day. Players are goaded with relentless endorsements and tie-ins with juggernaut manga, anime, film, and game franchises as well as more unlikely companies such as 7-Eleven and Japanese fashion giant BEAMS.

There are four different character classes in the game each one has its own fight abilities and skills which the player can choose from at the start of the match. The game is a based on Warlords universe where the player can take on the role of the main character with multiple statics such as battle ability, morale, and magical affinity. The game takes place in the magical game world that is full of powerful, dangerous monsters, the player aims to kill all the monster by using the multiple elements. Slugterra: Slug it Out!

It is one of the best slugslinger of all the time in which the player can play as a hero Eli Shane.

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Puzzle Monster Quest is a Role-playing Match-3 Puzzle video game that offers little bit different gameplay as compared other games of the same genres. Choose his one various monster and get into the game world where the ultimate goal of the player joins three or more than three same color gem in order to create an attack to defeat the rival monsters. The game is available to play on Android and iOS platforms only.

Angry Birds Fight!

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It is the eleventh installment in the Angry Birds series in which the player must match three or more than three angry birds to earn enough points and defeat the enemy pigs and players. In this game, the player can control a powerful Godzilla who fights against the King of monster to save this area. The gameplay of the game is inspired by the Sega arcade game of Baku Baku Animal.

It is an addictive game that offers the player tones of freedom as long as the player does it within the certain amount of time. It is an enjoyable game, enables the player controls Prim and start his battle against lots of kooky characters.