Samsung galaxy s2 will not charge or turn on

I see that your service provider is Fido, and I am not acquanted with which version of the S2 they carried, but there are several different versions of the S2, and they are all Android. I would take your phone back to Fido, and have them do some troubleshooting for you. After all, your phone is still pretty new, and shouldn't be having this trouble, especially so soon after you got it. Aug 28, 1 0 5. Have the same problem with my s2, took it to Vodafone who sent it to Samsung repair centre. The phone has never been water damaged, when I tried to argue this point they just fobbed me off.

I am going to get it repaired locally for half the cost I was quoted. This is apparently a common fault on the s2, a point Samsung denied.

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Aug 31, 2 0 5. I was having problem that S2 won't charge using PC, and won't connect.

Pro tip: Revive your Samsung Galaxy Tab when the battery has completely drained

I read about problems but didn't find the answer. Mine S2 turn on automatically after couple seconds and start charging. The problem is solved. Try that and good luck!!!

Step 1: Soft reset your Galaxy S2

Best regards. I must to correct my self. That didn't solve the problem! S2 is usb charging only when i resert my phone while is connected to PC If i unplug, and plug again he won't start charging. Does anyone have a solution? Atma Extreme Android User.

Dec 26, 6, 2, Male Survival North Carolina. Kriss3d Lurker. Sep 21, 1 0 5. I had an LG a year or so ago do the same exact thing.

My Samaung Galaxy S2 wont switch on!

Fortunately, it was a phone that supports unbricking. Good luck unbricking your phone. Hopefully it is not too much of a hassle. Michael: I'm actually considering just upgrading I've been looking forward to the SGS4mini, but it's not available yet.

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Nobodi: I've gone ahead and bought a new phone; the one company I was able to find that works on such things mobiletechvideos. Please sign in to leave a comment. Ting Help Center Community Discussion. Furr Bear July 20, Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Comments 9 comments.


Sort by Date Votes. Andrew Costen July 20, You may also want to try a different battery first though, if you happen to have a spare. Michael Bouska July 21, Furr Bear July 22, Michael: I'm kinda bemused at how a phone can brick itself just being on the charger.