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You just need to install our app get paid by our money making app for received SMS test messages. Our app does not read any of your private messages or uses any other data. We read only our own test SMS.

Setting up the project

Our app is completely free. You do not need to pay anything to get started and there are no hidden fees. Download and install the APK, register and keep the app and internet running on your phone. Our system and our customers will send test SMS to your phone number from time to time. You can withdraw your money when your balance hits 2 EUR. You actually get paid because we use your phone number to provide such testing services.

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Please note that we do not read your private messages. If you are not sure whether we pay our users, you can check the proofs of payments from many of our users on an independent website NetBusinessRating. Sign up.

Earns money online You just need to install our app get paid by our money making app for received SMS test messages. Secure Our app does not read any of your private messages or uses any other data.

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Automatic You earn money with the app passively without any active actions required from your side. Later you can add fancy login functionality to your app. To create a random name, we pre-define two lists of random adjectives and nouns, then combine them randomly. The random color function will be generating a random seven-character color hex such as FF Let's add the sendMessage function to the MainActivity.

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If the user has input something we send the message to the same observable-room as we subscribed to above. After the message has been sent we can clear the EditText view for convenience. Scaledrone will take care of the message and deliver it to everyone that has subscribed to the observable-room room in your channel. As seen in the layout file the messages are going to be displayed via ListView.

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To use a ListView you need to create a class that extends android. This class is then used as the state of the ListView.

Tips for using workarounds to get your message across

Let's define our MessageAdapter as well as the Message class itself. The Message class will hold all the needed info to render a single message. Now that we can display and render our chat bubbles we need to hook up the incoming messages with the MessageAdapter that we just created.

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We can do that by going back to the MainActivity class and finishing the onMessage method. Please see the Jackson docs for best practices on how to parse the incoming Scaledrone messages and users data.

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Hopefully, this tutorial helped you build your very own chat app. You can find the full source code or run the working prototype on GitHub. If you have any questions or feedback feel free to contact us. This tutorial only scratched what Scaledrone can do for you and is the ideal basis for any of your future realtime needs.

Looking to build the same app for iOS using Swift? Check out our iOS chat tutorial. Last updated February 5th Now using Scaledrone client 0. This tutorial will teach you: How to build a fully functional group chat.

Programmable SMS

Designing the UI elements such as chat bubbles and text inputs. How to use Scaledrone as the realtime backend of your app. The project might seem daunting at first, but the messaging code outside of the layout files is pretty short.