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The Nokia C6 will be available Globally in Q2 The Nokia C3 does feature Wi-Fi, but other features are more low-end. The Nokia C3 will also be available in Q2 Though the E5 is a bit thicker than its predecessors, it's also a bit lighter. Nokia claims the E5 will get The phone runs Symbian S60 3rd edition, and will come with Ovi Maps on board.

It will be available in Q3 Nokia has yet to announce specific availability, but reps say the devices will be available globally, which means the North American market will get them in some form. The new version of Ovi Maps offers free walking and driving directions. Owners of the E66 and E71 will need to download the Ovi Maps software to their computer first and use Nokia's desktop software to add it to their devices.

Nokia launched free Ovi Maps earlier this year, and it already supports a number of Sbased devices. The software can interact with many of S60 5th Edition's features, including the contact directory, caller ID, text messaging, and the Web browser. The software features an exploration mode that lets users slide their finger across the screen to hear menus, applications, widgets, and text. It also works with software keyboards to permit text entry.

The software is licensed to the user's SIM card, allowing them to use many different touch phones without the need to re-purchase or license the software. It is available starting today in 20 different languages. Today YouTube released a new version of its mobile software for the Windows Mobile and S60 platforms.

YouTube mobile 2. The new features include search query suggestions, end-user account support, and a new homescreen user interface that is optimized for larger screens. The new software is a free download for WinMo and S60 phones starting today. Today Nokia and Skype jointly announced the Skype application for Symbian-based devices and have made it available for download in the Ovi Store. Today Nokia unveiled the C5, its first phone bearing the new Cseries naming convention. The C5 has a 3. Nokia says that the C5 has a new phone book that integrates with Facebook where users can see their friends' status updates directly from Facebook.

The home screen also borrows some elements of S60 5th Edition, and places three contacts directly on the home screen for quick access. Once installed, Maps 4. Today Skyfire announced two new browsers for S60 devices. Skyfire 1. Both versions can be downloaded from Skyfire for free starting today. Today Nokia announced the Comes With Music. This monoblock style device has a 3. It has a 2 megapixel camera with video capture, Bluetooth 2. It has a 3.

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Opera notes that the biggest new features offered by Opera Mobile 10 are a vastly redesigned user interface for the browser, though it still maintains core features such as speed dial and tabbed browsing. Mobile 10 supports both touch phones and phones with standard keypads.

Turbo, Opera's server-side compression service, is built into Opera Mobile 10, and Opera says that users should experience a significant increase in speed and performance. Among the new features for S60 is support for voice-based search. This means users can speak their search queries instead of typing them. The new application also places a shortcut to Google Search on the home screen of any S60 phone, making it easier to find and initiate searches.

The application is a free download from m. Today Nokia introduced a new line of music phones, dubbed the X Series. The first two phones in this series of devices are the X6 and X3. Both phones support Nokia's Comes With Music service other other music-centric features such as stereo Bluetooth and rich media players. The X6 and X3 will be available in the fourth quarter.

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X6: This monoblock device features a capacitive touch screen and runs S60 5th Edition. Other features include a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and dual-LED flash, full web browser, video and imaging editor and support for Java and Symbian widgets. X3: This slider runs Series 40 and has a built-in FM radio antenna. Other features include microSD card support up to 16GB, 3.

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Today Nokia announced the Slide, a new phone that is targeted at those who use their phones primarily for messaging and to access social networking services. The biggest difference between the Slide and the Surge is that the Slide steps up the camera to 3. Nokia says that the device comes with Ovi's messaging services on board, which will support push email and Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger IM services.

The Surge runs S60 3rd Edition. Further, in the blog post author Anatolie Papas admits that the S60 brand "will soon cease to exist. Nokia, itself, has not said what platform it will use to replace S Nokia recently made a new version of Java Runtime available for S60 phones.

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It includes some usability and performance improvements and a host of other under-the-hood changes. Nokia says it will be easier to install applications, and applications will boot easier. Nokia also said that from now on Java updates will come separately from core system software updates. Java upgrades can be accessed via the built-in Nokia S60 Software Update feature. Right now, Java Runtime 2. Nokia didn't say when it would become available to S60 3rd Edition phones. Today Nokia introduced three new phones that range from business to multimedia to basic use.

This spiritual successor to the E71 has several upgrades, including a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, 3.

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It runs S60 5th Edition and has a 2. It should be available during the third quarter. It runs Series 40 and will be available in the fourth quarter. Nokia recently began offering an updated version of its Ovi Maps 3. This new version has several new features as well as performance improvements.

Others include new weather information and an updated list of points of interest. Performance has been improved with updated maps, better pan and zoom functionality, better traffic information and the location of automatic camera-based speed traps. Ovi Maps 3. Today Google made a new application available specifically for S60 devices. The new application places Google search, Google Maps, Gmail, and other Google mobile services right onto the desktop of S60 phones or available via a hotkey.

It comes with MyLocation services built in, which means when enabled , the application can provide locally relevant results for search queries. The search tool also remembers user search history, and offers suggestions as users type. The application is a free download. The free download will allow users of devices such as the Nokia XpressMusic and the N97 to access and interact with their Facebook account.

Nokia and Adobe are now offering Flash Lite 3. The Kb download is available via the App Update tool. Once installed, Flash performance is improved. Changes for the new release include bug fixes and more language support. Nokia also said that it is working to bring homescreen integration and support for HTML email to the next version of Nokia Messaging. The phone will be available by the end of June. Today Skyfire announced that its beta mobile browser has reached a 1. Skyfire supports web standards and plug-ins such as Flash 10, Silverlight 2, Ajax, and Javascript.

This allows end users to watch video content on web sites such as Hulu and YouTube as they browse from their mobile phones. The 1. One new feature includes the ability to type in search queries or URLs while the application itself is first launching. Skyfire also announced a closed alpha for BlackBerry devices.

It hopes to launch a beta program for BlackBerries in the new future. Today Google announced a new beta version of Google Sync for the S60 mobile platform. Google Sync allows users to wirelessly sync contacts and calendar information between their mobile device and their desktop Google account. It provides push-based, real-time, two-way syncing, so changes made on the device are reflected online, and vice versa, within a matter of minutes.

The beta software is a free download and requires additional software from Nokia to be installed, as well.

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The Nokia "Mural" is a clamshell phone with dedicated music keys and an outer display hidden behind a mirrored shell. Also confirmed are a memory card slot, Bluetooth, and a camera. It is not clear if the will have the S60 smartphone OS like the fold. Previously, it was only available for S60 5th Edition. The Photo Browser gives S60 users another way to interact with images on their handsets, and has a feature called Face Tracking that lets users browse the faces of people captured in photos. Both are free downloads available from the Beta Labs site. Google has created a YouTube application for S60 3rd Edition and Windows Mobile handsets that allows users to search for videos, as well as quickly find most viewed, recently added and the top rated videos.

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