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Candy Crush Saga was consistently the top free Android app over several months on the Google Play Store this year, and was downloaded by more than million users. With the recent game update, Candy Crush Saga fans will be able to enjoy 65 new levels and a new game mode, Dreamworld, making Candy Crush Saga even more addicting. Read More From Heavy. With the latest update, players can earn new keys and unlock the Secret Holiday Gift. Clash of Clans multiplayer strategy game was originally released on iOS in , and became a major hit on Android in September of Since its launch date, Clash of Clans has become one of the top 5 most downloaded games to date.

The game is highly addictive as it allows players to join players from all over the world in epic fast-paced combats. Train your powerful army and lead your clan to victory! Samurai Siege is a fun combat strategy game that lets players build their own village and fight against hordes of enemy ninjas and other mystical creatures.

Fans of Clash of Clans will love Samurai Siege. You will learn to master shortcuts, zip past hazards, and also how to make best use of bonus powers afforded to your little disc. Miss this one at your peril. Asphalt 9: Legends , like its predecessors, is a decidedly nitro-happy, larger-than-life take on arcade racing. The car moves on rails, with you swiping between lanes, and timing actions like boosts and drifts. Carmageddon is a blast from the past of PC gaming. People and cows blithely amble about while deranged drivers smash each other to pieces.

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Victories come by way of completing laps, wrecking all your opponents, or mowing down every living thing in the vicinity. In the s, this was shocking to the point of Carmageddon being banned in some countries.

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Today, the lo-fi violence seems quaint. Asphalt 8: Airborne is a high-octane racer that gave a cursory glance towards realism.

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Not one for the simulation crowd, then, but this racer is perfect for everyone else. The larger-than-life branched courses — hyper-real takes on real-world locations — are madcap and exciting. Rather than doing laps around a boring circuit surrounded by gravel traps, you blast through rocket launch sites, and blaze through volcanos.

1. Candy Crush Saga

But for dizzying speed, mid-air barrel rolls, and loads of laughs, this racer is tough to beat. You guide your little triangular ship around neon courses, scooting across boost pads, and scraping track edges for a bit of extra speed. Initially, all seems well, but it soon becomes clear Mother has some electrons loose, not least when you start getting glimpses of a world beyond the silicon.

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With perfect touch controls, varied racing levels, a few hours of story, and plenty of replay value, Data Wing would be a bargain for a few dollarpounds. This game does for racing what auto-runners do for platform games.

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One Tap Rally is controlled with a single finger, pressing on the screen to accelerate and releasing to brake, while your car steers automatically. The aim is to not hit the sides of the track, because that slows you down. Win and you move up the rankings, then playing a tougher, faster opponent. In a neat touch, said opponents are recordings of real-world attempts by other players, ranked by time. In essence, this is a digital take on slot-racing, then, without the slots. But the mix of speed and strategy, along with a decent range of tracks, makes you forget about the simplistic controls.

If anything, they become a boon, shifting the focus to learning track layouts and razor-sharp timing. Top stuff. In the world of Splash Cars , it appears everyone's a miserable grump apart from you.