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Download link: Wfuzz. It can smoothly run rapid dictionary attacks against more than fifty protocols, at present. Subsequently, this a stable and fast Network Login Haking Tool that uses either brute force attacks or dictionary to try different kinds of login combinations and passwords on the target web page. The best thing about this tool is that you can add more modules into it with ease, and ultimately, enhance its features. This tool is often used as the parallelized login cracker that supports many protocols to attack.

The new modules are elementary to add, and you can gain unauthorized access in a remote way to the target system. Download link: THC Hydra. RainbowCrack is a unique password cracker when compared to many similar tools on the market, as instead of traditional brute force attacks- it uses an extensive scale time memory tradeoff process. You might be wondering what the time memory tradeoff is, right? Well, in summary for you, it is a computational process where all the plain text, as well as hash pairs, are calculated via a selected hash-algorithm.

The results get stored in a rainbow table, as soon as the computation is finished. The process of table creation is time-consuming, but you will be able to crack a password way faster compared to brute force tools — as soon as the table is ready. This password cracker is usually used to crack hashes using rainbow tables making the cracking way more comfortable, and faster — ultimately. Download link: RainbowCrack.

John The Ripper is another popular free open source password cracking tools, and for many good reasons. It is a straightforward to use but useful tool, you primarily can detect the weak passwords with it. The program is a preferred choice for many ethical hackers, thanks to its ability to automatically detect the password hash-types. Yes, but has a pro version too — that posses more effectiveness and better features obviously.

The software was initially developed for Unix OS, but now, runs on over 11 types of operating systems in total. Download Link: John The Ripper. It is a very known password cracker tool able to handle multiple tasks. All in all, Cain and Abel can merely sniff in the networks and crack encrypted passwords by just using a dictionary attack.

It records the VoIP conversations and has brute attacks feature too.

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It just covers the security weakness of the protocols to crack the password. On the whole, this software is perfect for penetration testers, forensics staff, and network administrators. Download link: Cain and Able. The company claims to be the fastest and also the most advanced password cracker software. You can perform different kinds of attacks with it such as combinator attacks, hybrid attacks, brute force attacks, permutation attacks, table-lookup and many other.

Download link: HashCat. It is an open source password cracking tool which is highly appreciated and used by the Apple security experts. DaveGrohl has a modern object-oriented code base and is more useful for developers and OS X users.

You can crack a password within a couple of minutes with it; thanks to its strong incremental and dictionary attacks. With tons of help from the incremental and dictionary attacks, you can get your hands on the password of someone — in just a few minutes.

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Download link: DaveGrohl. Released back in the year , Brutus is known to be a fast and flexible software that is being used for remote password cracking. This software guesses the password for you by applying a few different permutations alongside using a dictionary. The best thing I liked about this password cracker is its ability to connect sixty targets simultaneously, which is possible because of the multi-stage authentication engines it supports. This tool is used to crack the windows passwords. You also can make your very own authentication type on it.

Brutus also comes with load and resume options. In this way, the attack process can be very easily paused when needed, and you can resume that when you desire. Download link: Brutus. In case Syskey is disabled; this tool can still extract the information. Subsequently, software updates alongside extra feature of the password histories display — if the history is available. Besides, extracted data is going to be available in the form that would be compatible with the L0phtcrack.

The software works only on Microsoft Windows; works best only on Windows XP and as far as my tests are concerned. Indeed, it is perfect if you disable Syskey so that the software can extract in this kind of conditions. It also has a password history available at your service. Download link: Pwdump. Undoubtedly, nowadays we have to stop relying on traditional passwords — especially the companies. You have to go to the next level when it comes to securing something. Above all, you perhaps are wondering how hackers crack the passwords.

But first up, please note that story is a bit different in each case — they use a few various techniques over individuals, companies or the general public. In this way, they can decipher the hashes using just a few simple searches. They often buy some special hardware too, made for password cracking. Besides, the hackers even rent a space from public cloud providers as like Microsoft or Amazon. Moreover, they also rent botnets or build their very own to do all the processing. And finally, these days even if a hacker is not a password cracking expert himself — he can outsource one with ease.

Moving on, if you ever wondered how hackers attack big players — the massive public sites. They use botnets to use a different kind of combinations passwords and logins. Moreover, they use the lists of login credentials that they or any other hacking group in their network stole from other records of passwords and sites that usually people use it.

How to Crack a Password

When an attacker desires to target an individual, he, first of all, checks if the target user uses credentials that were stolen from any other site already. Some of the times a user could use the similar password or maybe the very same password on a bunch of different sites, which makes their the hackers job easy.

In this situation, they also use brute-force to hack the password. Lastly, on such sites, they also use dictionary lookup tables and password cracking tools to achieve their target of password cracking. You need to inform yourself the right way to be successful at it, and of course, use the right tool. In the article, I covered only the top 15 resources that could help you in your future attempts at password cracking. And of course, these password crackers also are proof that your passwords can be cracked too. So better set a complex one, and do not use one password on all the sites.

Finally, from here on, it is up to you how you use these password cracking tools — right way or the bad. The use of any of the password cracker covered above is at users discreet, yours discreet. You can either use these tools to check the security of your company apps or website against such programs and then try to fill those security holes up to enhance the security of your apps.

Or one can use these password cracking programs to crack the password of someone else and access their data or information. As noted above at the beginning of the article, we do not encourage the use of any of the tool listed for any malicious act. In the end, what is your favorite password cracker? If you used any of these tools or have an opinion regarding the article, please feel free to drop your feedback via the comments section available below.

Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker supports accounts with Apple's two-step verification as well as the new two-factor authentication. Access to the second authentication factor such as a trusted device or recovery key is required. You will only need to use it once as Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can save authentication credentials for future sessions.

The Forensic edition of Elcomsoft Phone Breaker comes with the ability to acquire and use authentication tokens from Windows and Mac OS X computers, hard drives or forensic disk images. Authentication tokens for all users of that computer can be extracted, including domain users providing that their system logon passwords are known.

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The tools are available in both Windows and Mac editions. The ability to access iCloud data using authentication tokens may vary greatly according to numerous conditions. The version of iOS and the iCloud app installed on the computer, whether or not the account is enrolled in two-factor authentication as well as other limitations may affect the extent to which one can use authentication tokens.

If the user forgets their account password, or if the encrypted volume is moved to a different computer, a FileVault 2 can be unlocked with a special Recovery Key. Should the user forget their password, the system can automatically use the Recovery Key to unlock the encrypted volume. It is important to note that Apple does not allow the end user to view or extract FileVault 2 recovery keys from iCloud. Note: this functionality is only available in Forensic edition. APFS volumes are not supported at this time. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker automatically downloads synced data including call logs, contacts, notes included deleted notes and attachments , calendars as well as Web browsing activities including Safari history including deleted records , bookmarks and open tabs.

Unlike iCloud backups that may or may not be created on daily basis, synced information is pushed to Apple servers just minutes after the corresponding activity has taken place. Once uploaded, synced data can be retained for months with no option for the end user to clear the data or disable the syncing. Files from a synced Mac such as Desktop, Documents, and Trash can be extracted. Some of this data mostly documents is available using the iCloud feature on Windows and macOS systems, but most files are only accessible using Elcomsoft Phone Breaker. The exact set of data available may depend on the version of iOS installed, iCloud synchronization settings, the list of applications installed on the devices connected to the given account, and the options set in these applications.

Note that there is no email notification sent by Apple when downloading files from iCloud. As a result, acquiring iCloud backups or downloading files stored in iCloud Drive does not automatically provide access to media files stored in the iCloud Photo Library. In addition to existing files, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can extract media files that have been deleted from the Library during the past 30 days.

Selective downloads are possible by specifying which user-created albums to download. The new tool recovers the original plain-text passwords protecting encrypted backups for Apple and BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry 7 OS or earlier. The backups contain address books, call logs, SMS archives, calendars and other organizer data, camera snapshots, voice mail and email account settings, applications, Web browsing history and cache.

Local backups produced by BlackBerry Link are always encrypted with a highly secure hardware-specific encryption key, effectively preventing forensic analytic tools from processing BlackBerry 10 data. As even the original use has no control over the password protecting these backups, the only possible way of using these backups was restoring them onto a BlackBerry device with the same BlackBerry ID, making forensic analysis of these backups extremely cumbersome. Downloading a large backup for the very first time can potentially take hours.

Subsequent updates are incremental, and occur much faster.

Information such as messages, attachments, phone settings, call logs, address books, notes, calendars, email account settings, camera roll, and many other pieces of information can be pre-selected and downloaded in just minutes, providing investigators with near real-time access to essential information. ElcomSoft offers a highly efficient, cost-effective solution to lengthy attacks by dramatically increasing the speed of password recovery when one or more supported video cards are present.

Effectively, this budget-friendly solution allows mixing multiple generations of compatible video cards, extending existing systems by adding new acceleration hardware instead of replacing. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker supports an advanced dictionary attack with customizable permutations. According to multiple security researches, the majority of users choose meaningful, dictionary-based passwords that are easier for them to remember. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker is able to recover such passwords and their variations quickly and efficiently no matter which language they are.

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker supports a variety of permutations of dictionary words, trying hundreds of variants for each dictionary word to ensure the best possible chance to recover the password. Stored Web forms and browser passwords, email accounts, application passwords and authentication tokens including Apple ID account token are stored securely in keychains that are encrypted with hardware keys unique to each individual device. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can extract and decrypt iOS keychain from local iTunes-style password-protected backups.

The built-in Keychain Explorer tool allows browsing and exploring keychain items on the spot. Note: for local non-encrypted backups and backups downloaded from iCloud, decrypting the keychain is only possible for jailbroken bit devices, and only if you have physical access to the device and can obtain the encryption key 0x, securityd using Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit. Previous versions of BlackBerry Password Keeper used a user-specified master password to protect the password container.

Recent versions of BlackBerry Password Keeper employ an escrow key to achieve the same. It is intended for recovery of backup passwords only. Free trial version Windows uses all available CPUs and GPUs, but shows only first two characters of backup passwords hiding the rest under the asterisks , and does not allow dictionary mutations Windows version only; Mac version does not have password recovery features at all. Also, trial version Windows and MacOS X does not show passwords extracted from the keychain, and allows to download only a few specific categories from iCloud backup.

Uninstallation procedure: in order to uninstall the product, follow the standard procedure via Control Panel - Programs and features or use the corresponding Unistall link from the product's folder in the Windows Start menu.