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On the other hand, there are some users who love the functionality provided with Windows but crave the visuals of OS X and iOS. Downloading and installing the iOS 6 inspired visuals on Windows is fairly straightforward and involves little more than running through a standard installation process that most Windows based users will go through on a regular basis.

Windows 8 On iPhone / iPod Touch Best Jailbreak Cydia Theme for iOS 6.1 / 6 / 6.0.1!

It is however worth noting that uninstalling themes or skin packs of this nature can sometimes prove to be a little problematic, and if anything goes wrong, can require a full operating system restore. Make sure you create a restore point in System Restore utility before going ahead with the install. Once the theme is installed, users will find themselves with a severe visual change from what they have been previously used to on the machine.

Subtle changes like the inclusion of application type icons and themed directory folders makes this a worthy installation, provided that you are into such customization.

How To Make iOS 6 Look & Feel Like iOS 7 [Complete Guide]

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RP on. By Paul Morris April 22nd, Furthermore, your folders can now have multiple pages. In addition, it allows you to put folders within folders, have multiple pages within a folder, and create folders directly on the dock. Note that if you have Velox, this tweak will alter its appearance as well. Launch the app, swipe rightwards and tap Download to find it in Cydia.

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Auxo adds system toggles and app preview cards to the App Switcher, somewhat replicating the functionality of the Control Center. The theme discussed at the beginning of this post also includes a similar skin for Auxo. In iOS 7, the Clock app icon shows the current time and is animated. This, again, is nothing new for jailbreakers, with the LiveClock tweak having been around for quite a while.

Install it, and your clock should come to life.

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If you use Velox , you can give it the iOS 7 look. Your Calculator app should now look like this:. Now your device should look nearly identical to iOS 7 Beta.

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If you have trouble installing any of the tweaks above, be sure to let us know in the comments. Happy tweaking!

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