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Some of these provide access to Jio multimedia streaming services, including local TV. The company even offers a pair of video out accessories to connect the JioPhone to a bigger screen and enjoy the content. There are even rumors of native WhatsApp and Facebook apps it's even featured in some of the screenshots, but it's missing from our store.

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Long story short, the Nokia 4G gets none of that and is, instead, stuck with a vanilla or international, if you will, version of KaiOS. This is a significant downgrade in functionality, to say the least. There is a native app store with the following apps, currently in it: Twitter and Weather.

That's it. These complement the legendary Snake, already pre-loaded on the phone as well as three demo version by Gameloft, that mysteriously popped-up only once we installed a SIM card in the unit.

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Things might change for the better in the future, but the current third-party app variety kind of limits the usability of the phone as a smartphone replacement. It doesn't really help either that KaiOS is a very single-threaded OS, so to say, with little to no background task functionality. For general communication purposes over the phone or via SMS, that's no big deal, and there is push notification support, that instant messengers could potentially leverage.

Other than that, however, what you see is what you get. No multitasking to speak of. KaiOS store. This, in turn, means that you will have to learn the menu structure pretty thoroughly, so you can jump from place to place to toggle things on and off during use. That's a nasty chore in itself, especially for somebody already used to the concept of quick toggles and overlays. However, KaiOS makes the experience even worse with its highly unoptimised and inconsistent navigation scheme.

For instance, you know how on older S40 and similar featurephone devices, pressing the red phone key took you back to the home screen instantly? The Nokia 4G lacks any such shortcut.

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The "end call" key, in question typically acts like a back key. Which would be fine, except in some menus and apps, it does not function as expected. You can easily stumble across a text field, which goes away entirely when you push back, instead of just finishing the text input sequence. There are also parts of the UI and certain apps that can't be exited through this key. Also, remember the convenient number-based shortcuts that most phones with a numerical keyboard had? The ones that allowed you to jump straight to the 5-th or any other option within a menu, by simply pressing that number key, instead of having to scroll to it?

To date, the SnapTube app is only available for Android users. Its download is an easy process and can be installed in your device with a few taps. Once you have installed the app to your device, you can pretty much download all the videos and music that you like. SnapTube essentially functions like any typical multimedia file downloader.

You can browse through various videos by tapping any category or by keying in the artist or the song in the search bar. Once you found what you are looking for, you can either play it directly on the app or download it to your device. SnapTube update adds a floating player to the app meaning you can watch your chosen video while browsing through the app.

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SnapTube also offers multiple resolutions for each download so you can adjust the video quality to save more phone storage. More so, SnapTube has a direct MP3 download feature for those who only want to download just the audio instead of the whole video. Recently, SnapTube allows users to download videos and audios on YouTube by batch , so you no longer need to download various videos one by one. SnapTube is known for its ability to download any video from YouTube.

However, the app has been improved to enhance its usability. Users can also use this app to download videos from other streaming sites such as Vimeo , Dailymotion , and Vine.

More, the app also allows download from social media apps such as Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter. However, while SnapTube allows download from various sources , the process differs for every site. In Facebook, for instance, you would need to login on your account in SnapTube. And from there, you can browse through your timeline to find the video that you want to download.

If you are going to download on Instagram on the other hand, you will have to go to your app and copy the share URL from the video. You just need to tap the download button to start your download. More so, there are restrictions when downloading videos, especially on YouTube. Embedded videos are currently not supported by SnapTube so you cannot download those. There are also videos which are not supported due to YouTube's Terms of Services.

But SnapTube more than makes up for these restrictions with its ability to download videos from other third-party sites. Just copy the link of the video and paste it on the search bar. The SnapTube app is a very popular downloader for users around the globe. It does not only support a lot of popular streaming and social networking apps, but it is also easy to use. That being said, it is never wrong to check alternatives.

Here we list down three SnapTube alternatives. TubeMate is one of the commonly known alternatives to SnapTube. This app is very similar to Snaptube and comes with an easy-to-navigate interface. Downloading videos from this app is very easy since it searches results directly , meaning its database is inexhaustible. However, you will need to install a separate music converter along with the app if you want to download only the audio files. Tap on apk file. Click Install to start the TubeMate installation.

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Click Open to launch the application. The TubeMate interface is very similar to YouTube but allows you to download video files. All you have to do is tap the top right corner of the screen and find the video you that you would like to download. Then play the file. In order to download a video, press the green arrow in the lower right corner of the player. Select the appropriate file format and wait for the download to complete.