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Donkey Kong Country 2 starts where the first game left off, in an area known as Gangplank Galleon. After this first world, the player reaches K. Rool's island, called Crocodile Isle, where the rest of the game takes place.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

In order to progress through the game, players must beat stages by reaching the finish without losing both characters. Rool y los Kremlings. Rool, espera con Donkey Kong Banana Tesoro. Donkey Kong Country 2 se abre con Diddy Kong de pie en la cubierta de un barco pirata. En la cabina del barco, se encuentra con una nota indicando que Donkey Kong ha sido secuestrada por Kaptain K. Rool y rescatar a Donkey Kong.

Rool, pasando por el nuevo apodo de Baron K. Donkey Kong Country Returns' historia gira en torno a las criaturas conocidas como los Tikis, las cuales son nuevas para la serie.

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Donkey Kong utiliza el cuerno que fue usado para congelar su isla, convirtiendo a Donkey Kong Isla de vuelta a la normalidad. Cuando el jugador ha perdido todas sus vidas, el juego termina. En Tropical Freeze los Kongs son capaces de coger objetos del suelo y recoger y lanzar aturdidos a los enemigos.

Esto es un cambio en el Retro Studios de juegos, donde el jugador tiene que elegir personaje s antes de cada nivel. La serie' oferta de los juegos de un solo jugador y multijugador modos de juego. Entre cada nivel , los jugadores el control de su personaje en la pantalla de mapa, navegar hacia el siguiente nivel en el que quieres jugar.

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Dispone de Funky Kong como personaje jugable por primera vez. Title screen, Cranky's shop Spoiler: Show Spoiler. Spoiler: Show Spoiler. Smart modular textures The modular textures structure are smartly implemented.

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The textures are already implemented in the base package. There are 2 types of mapping. Copy the folder you chose and put it inside "SF8" folder. Region textures Almost all different region textures are implemented inside the base package.

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Gallery was not, because of big ram usage with all of them together and prefetching. Or you can have only Diddy or Donkey as Super.

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Win 10, Dolphin 5. Techie Android Member. Looks good. I can see that the HUD and text are HD as well as menus and options but I can't see any differences between the other textures in your screenshots.

elavizar.cf by SeruK

Could you tell me a specific place to look and maybe I can see some detail that I may have missed? Admentus Nothing but perfection for gaming.

Looking really great! It is really one of my favorite games on the Wii. Especially the HUD looks great!

Keep it up! Any idea's what you intend to finish or how far you would go?

I don't mind. Ohh, one suggestion, you should also provide the textures in DDS format in addition. Check out Bighead's Custom Texture Tool. It also allows to optimize all the textures. As per section 1.