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Although just like other apps that we have on our device, we can encounter certain issues with iMessages, which are normal, but not exactly when it keeps happening all the time. Messages sent through iMessage are shown in a blue bubble while regular text messages appear as a green bubble. Some helpful solutions are given below.

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If you notice this problem, you can simply fix it by reconnecting Wi-Fi or disabling Airplane mode on the control center. Before you can start using iMessage on iPad, you need to set it up in Settings. Process to activate iMessages is given below:. It is likely that you are facing this issue because of some application that might be taking up most of the RAM, making other processes harder to run.

11 Ways to Fix iMessage not working on iPad

Simply restarting your iPad by holding the power button and drag the slider will fix this issue because it will turn off all of the processes that run in the background. Your iMessage works with the Apple ID you are using at the device. As a solution to this issue you would have to sign out of your Apple ID and sign back in. To use iMessage on your device you need to activate it on your iPad.

[11 Ways] Complete Guide to Fix iMessage not working on iPad

Sometimes, you can come across an error message during activation process, for example:. The first solution that you can try to fix an iMessage activation error is checking the time zone settings.

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There are certain cases where users have incorrect time and due to which the activation fails. To manage your time zones, follow the steps below:.

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Sometimes, it takes almost 24 hours for the activation process to fully complete. If you are facing errors initially, give the activation process a day and see if it completes successfully, if not, follow the other steps. You may have your iPad iMessage error most of the times because of a software issue. To deal with an iOS issue you would normally have to reset your phone, resulting in loss of all of your data unless you back some of it up in your computer.

It has a Standard and Advanced mode, the best thing about Standard mode is that you can get iPad completely restored without losing any data at all. You can say things like "Full Stop" and "Comma" for punctuation or you can add it before you hit the arrow to send the message. The contents of the forwarded message, or messages, will then appear in a new message where you can add a recipient's name at the top and hit the arrow on the right of the message box to send.

When on, audio messages will be played as soon as you raise your iPhone to your ear.

Text up a storm with the best messaging apps for iOS and Android

While sending a picture as an iMessage is free, it isn't if you send one as a text message - you're better to use a service like WhatsApp between iOS and Android devices if you want to send a picture. Still, if you want to make sure you always receive picture messages when they aren't sent through iMessage:. When on, multiple message notifications will appear as a layered group of notifications to allow for other notifications from different apps on your locked screen. When Read Receipts is on, people will see 'Read' in grey below the message they have sent you when you open it.

Note: If you block someone, you won't receive phones calls, messages or FaceTime calls from the people on the block list. You can read more iMessage apps and the best ones to download in our separate feature. You can reorder the top five apps by moving them up and down according to your preference. To change which apps appear in the top five, you'll need to press the red circle to the left of the app within the top five to remove it and the green circle to the left of the app in the list below you want to add.

How to Receive SMS Messages on an iPad

To see text messages sent to the number associated with your iMessage account:. If you liked this, you can read our Apple Photos tips and tricks to master the Photos app too. YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter. To get alerts back, swipe right to left on the message thread again and press 'Show Alerts'. The maximum number, or iMessage group chat limit, is What's the difference between green and blue messages in Apple Messages?