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The player first has to travel through various rooms separated by stealth ground, learning how to deal with enemies using it. Then, Rust Bucket has to use the spear and the ability to become invisible to deal with larger and more difficult groups of enemies. Eventually, the player has to activate three buttons protected by statue enemies by using stealth ground to the player's advantage. At the beginning of the level, the player faces a large group of slimes while being constantly pushed by a skull statue. After this the player has to destroy various normal and red pots without getting crushed by the statue.

The following rooms use the same mechanic of having to deal with a skull statue pushing Rust Bucket around while trying to deal with enemies or activate switches. This level orientates the player how to use daggers , which allows Rust Bucket to attack enemies from two directions at once. Rust Bucket will then face a large pack of slime towers , and activate red pots while being pushed by skull statues. After that, the player will have to go through a room filled with pots and enclosed skull statues that are near red pots which need to be destroyed.

Rust Bucket will have to use stealth ground as well as crates to clear this room without getting crushed. At the end of the level, the player will have to deal with a pack of slime towers and squids. This level revolves around the usage of normal and wooden keys to open locks and block enemies. The player first learns that keys can block enemies, and how wooden keys act differently from normal ones. Then, the player will face a puzzle involving three keys, fire tile paths and a skull statue.

After this, the player has to use keys as a shield against various enemies. Green knights are reintroduced as a core mechanic of this level. In this level the player has to carry wooden keys around while avoiding the fireballs which can destroy them. To do so, Rust Bucket will have to block the fire cannons throughout the level by using crates. The player, armed with a bow , will also have to face some living stumps while carrying a wooden key around, trying to burn the enemies while avoiding burning the key.

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The last level of the Fire temple pack consist of multiple fights against hordes of enemies while using the battleaxe. Much like in the last tutorial level , giant skulls can be seen in the scenery, pouring out lava from their mouths. Room 1 In the first room, Rust Bucket has to face twelve pigs , eleven of which being double armoured. Room 2 In the second room, the player has to kill two brain monsters which will generate pig statues. Room 3 In the third room, Rust Bucket is armed with an axe and faces ten double armored pigs in a large room.

Room 4 The last room is composed of single pillars placed at regular intervals and six other double armoured pigs which the player has to kill in order to complete the level. Needed: The time each level starts in the video. The sewer levels are set in a dark greenish-brown environnement. The floor and walls are made of simple square tiles, with occasional metal plates on the ground and sewer grids on the walls. Multiple pipes can be seen, serving as thin paths, walls, and scenery. It is implied that they carry toxic goo, with the skull and crossbones on some obstacle pipes as well as other scenery pipes pouring out a light green liquid.

This same goo is used by crocodiles to move around and is commonly seen throughout the sewer levels. Multiple cleaved skull statues serve as wall ornaments and some large spider webs can also be seen in the background. The sewer level pack introduces blobs , crocodiles , bulls , rocks as well as the bomb bow weapon.

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Main article: Endless Mode Rust Bucket. Main article: Enemies Turnament series Unless otherwise noted, all enemies move a tile every turn and will kill Rust Bucket if both the character and the enemies move into the same tile or they move into Rust Bucket. Main article: Hazards Turnament series. Incomplete section. You can help by adding missing info.

Needed: Prices in Euros. The "Remove Ads" in-app removes all third-party advertisements, the Cross Promotion advertisement, and grants the player a free continue for every game of Endless Mode they play. It is labelled Version 2 on the Apple App Store. This version was the game's initial release version. This update was released on January 5th, , and fixes a bug with the game's music still playing when the Android device's home button is pressed.

This update was released on January 6th, , and is labelled version This update fixes a glitch regarding button states. This update adds levels and introduces slime towers , living stumps , and medusas in both the level-based mode and Endless Mode. In Endless Mode the continue system was added and a fifth scenery type was added. The "Remove ads" in-app purchase was also updated so that it removes Nitrome's cross promotion advertisements and also gives players a free continue in every Endless Mode game they play [4].

This update also made minor changes to the game, improved aspects of it, and fixed various bugs. One of these changes was that selecting the restart icon would respawn players at the last checkpoint they passed instead of at the start of the level. According to the update's description, this update fixes minor glitches. This update adds the fire temple levels and weapons to the game. The level select menus were also changed: the square academic cap in tutorial levels menu was removed, and all level packs automatically have their first level unlocked. Checkpoints were also changed so that they remember the players' spot even after the app is closed and will allow players to continue from that spot when they return to the game.

Due to a glitch, this feature did not work in this update. Golden slime towers , weapons , and the shop were introduced into Endless Mode. Treasure chests were also updated to that they can contain weapons. This update fixed checkpoints so that they save players' progress and remember it even after the app is closed.

This update adds new content to the game and also changes some technical elements of the game. This update adds levels , and introduces four new enemies: crabs , skull bombs , crocodiles and bulls. This update also introduces bomb arrows and adds sound effects for some interactive objects. This update also made a few technical changes to the game.

For slimes , slime towers , and living stumps , their behaviour for determining where to move was changed, resulting in them moving into spots different from where they moved prior to the update. Enemy behaviour for scripted events regarding the lowering of gates was also changed.

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Previously, enemies that were held behind gates and unable to move would not move on the turn that these gates were lowered, but this was changed so that they did move on the turn. Wooden crates , which were previously indestructible, were made susceptible to fire cannons. For this reason, all the crates in level 6 were changed from wooden to stone so that they would not be destroyed by the various fire cannons in the level.

A stone crate was also added at the very beginning of the level next to the player's spawn point, which Rust Bucket has to push out of the way in order to proceed in the level. This update also changed the colour palette of the wooden crates to better match the one of all other inflammable wooden objects in the game wooden keys , shields and living stumps. In level 18, in the corridor separating the second room from the third room, the tile on the floor that had the gate was removed, and as a result the gate was removed with it.

This update changes level 25 back to how it was prior to Update 3. This special version was made available on July 13th, , but only for those who applied on the game's Google Play page to be a beta tester. Rust Bucket was announced on Twitter on September 16th, [3] and revealed on the Nitrome blog the following day [5]. Another preview was posted on October 9th [6] , and another on November 13th, [7]. On this same day, Nitrome also said that they plan to release the game on mobile devices before December 25th, [8]. On December 22nd [9] , Nitrome announced an upcoming update for the game that would add new levels, enemies and mechanics.

On January 7th [10] , Jon Annal tweeted about a new update coming soon, with a preview showing a new way of defeating Pig statues by teleporting onto them. Nitrome did not name the game after its predecessor, Turnament, because it was deemed too difficult to search for as it was hard to spell [5]. In the October 9th, , Nitrome blog post, Nitrome posted a preview GIF that showed a level that takes place in a haunted house-like theme, which has not appeared in the game yet.

Rust Bucket received generally positive reviews. As of May 20th, , the game has a rating of 4. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Rust Bucket - level Rust Bucket - level 1. Rust Bucket - level 2 mobile. Rust Bucket - level 2. Rust Bucket - level 3. Rust Bucket - level 4. Rust Bucket - level 5. Rust Bucket - level 6. Rust Bucket - level 7. Rust Bucket - level 8. Rust Bucket - level 9. Rust Bucket - level 10 1st ending. The tutorial levels ending screen. Rust Bucket Walkthrough Level 11 - 20 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, Input The following directions will take the player to the Room 2 enemy trigger.

Match the pattern on the door using the speaker lights. On left you want B,W,B. On the right you want W,B,W. Dooors level 8. On the left plant tap the red berry to get a pin. Select this pin and swipe right to left on the door. Dooors level 9. When the right wheel is near the bottom, tap the right wheel to start it rotating. The goal is to see the green part on through both holes at the same time.

Tap the door when both are on green to open. Dooors level Shake your iPad, iPod or iphone to put out the fire. Tap the ashes to lift it up, then again to get the turning handle. Tap the left plant pot until it is way over to the left. Now attach the handle to the hole in the wall. Tap the handle once in the hole in the wall to rotate and open the dooor. Tap the red pin you picked up earlier. Attach to the hole at the top of the middle door.

The middle dooor is now the exit. The code for the left is: Black, Red, Red. On the right the code is Red, White, Black.

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Tap the left fire to get the stick with fire. Now tilt your device left and right. Repeat until all lights are green.

Use the fire stick to remove the cobwebs. Make a diagonal line using the sliders like the mark on the wall. Left slider all the way to the top, right slider at the bottom.

All others arranged so they all make a diagonal line. Orange ball. Pick up the bowling ball in the lower left. Select the ball and place at the front of dooor Light it with the stick on fire. You will see a code. Pull the handles in this order to escape. Notice the sign above the door. The man is lying on the floor, face down. Lift your iphone, ipad or ipod touch above your head and the light will turn green.

Tilt your game device left and the rock will slide to the other side. Turn off the light.