Highest ppi smartphone in india

Galaxy Note II [23]. Galaxy S III [26]. Galaxy Premier [27] [28]. Galaxy Mega 6. Xperia acro HD. Mi-Two [29] [30]. Flash [32] [33]. Grand Memo [34] [35].

It's all in the screen: Here are the smartphones with the best displays

PF HD [37] [38]. MX2 [40] [41]. Galaxy Note. Smart Tab 10 [43]. Liquid S2 [44] [45]. Padfone Infinity [46] [47].

Top 10 Highest Screen-to-body Ratio Smartphones 2019

Fonepad Note 6 [48] [49] [50]. Aquaris X2 [51]. Vivo Xplay [52] [53]. Magview 4 [54] [55] [56]. Elife E6 [64] [65]. Mate 10 Pro. Aqua i7 [69] [70].

Top 10 phones of 2017: Best screens

X7 [71] [72]. Max X7 [73] [74]. K [75] [76]. Vibe X [77] [78]. Android 4. Canvas Turbo A [80]. Canvas Knight A [81]. Find 5 [84] [85].

Phones over ppi

N1 [86]. Vega No. Vega Secret Note [94]. Galaxy J [95] [96]. Xperia X Performance. Alcatel One Touch Hero [] []. Mi3 [] []. Nubia Z5 [] []. Grand S [] []. Aquos Zero []. Priv [].

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Galaxy S6 Edge. Xperia Z5 Premium []. Xperia Z5 Premium Dual []. Xperia X Premium [] [] []. Top 10 Featured.


A bit of explanation is in order before we begin. Here lower is better and you want a number under 5 for an accurate screen. The other numbers should be self-explanatory. Also note that the phones are not ordered in any particular order. The Samsung Galaxy Note8 screen does it all. The freedom of expression goes well beyond an on-screen keyboard and emojis. Once you make a habit of it, the convenience is great and it's no wonder it has many die-hard fans. The DeX station lets you work in a desktop-like environment, which road warriors may appreciate.

It helps that the screen is quite bright. Also, color accuracy is better than the Note.

Realme 5 Pro: Camera Test

App devs are starting to adapt and users grow accustomed to the lack of a Home key. The iPhone X screen refreshes at 60Hz as usual, but the capacitive touch sensor works at Hz for instant reaction time. The phone supports the major video streaming services, which offer HDR content. The original Mix wowed with its bezel-less design and presaged the move to taller-than screens. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 screen is smaller in size and taller still, but that makes the phone more compact. You get more screen than an iPhone 8 Plus in a smaller body, how cool is that?

Okay, the Mix 2 is not an uncontested screen-to-body ratio champ it matches the LG V30, for example , but it impressed us in a surprising way. OnePlus won people over with great features at a reasonable price and hit the 5. Despite being more affordable than most of the flagships it competes with, the 5T has a surprisingly good screen.