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What We Don't Like Not enough levels. Later levels require action and aren't as zen-inspiring. Making fine changes can be hard on small screens. Prune is both a puzzle game and a bonsai tree. How very zen. Buy Prune on iOS. What We Like Very atmospheric with great music. High-quality visuals. Intuitive but challenging gameplay and puzzles. What We Don't Like Replayability is limited; once you complete it, there's not much reason to repeat it. Story is secondary to the game. Controls can be fussy. Buy The Room on iOS. What We Like Three game mode difficulties. Clever and engaging memory game.

Great visual design and quality. What We Don't Like Memory intensive gameplay may not be enjoyable for some. Time limits are frustrating. Buy Rules! What We Like Good game for kids.

From Tetris clones to word games, these brain teasers will challenge you

Word Pass in-app purchase expands puzzles to Vocabulary builder. Clues help when you're stuck. What We Don't Like Combines content from previous two games. Make in-app purchases to expand the game and add avatars. Outside-the-box thinking can make puzzles too easy. Buy Scribblenauts Remix on iOS. What We Like Smart and fun math game. Simple design. Easy to pick up and play in short bursts.

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What We Don't Like Music can feel repetitive. Ads for merchandise between games is disruptive.

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  8. Only one game mode. Buy Threes! What We Like Interesting story with twists and surprises. Excellent writing. Challenging puzzles. What We Don't Like Not much help if you're stuck. Getting stuck interrupts the narrative. Problematic and off-putting story elements. Buy TouchTone on iOS. There are no charges. Solve all of its mysteries, and escape the world of the book. This one makes you think outside the box and really problem solve. Sometimes it was for stuff that I should have been able to figure out on my own, and others that just plain had me stumped.

    Update: I just replayed this game and it was every bit as good the second time. Thank you and please make more! Excellent escape game And the puzzles! They're unique and inventive and really challenging! Happily there are in game hints and also a link to a page with a walkthrough. I confess I had to use both. I hope this dev is hard at work making more escape games! I've played many and the ones of quality stand out above the rest. Levels start out simple, with players having to drive cars from point A to B, but with each car added, you are challenged to carefully avoid every previous car you've played, quickly amping up complexity while rewarding quick reflexes and careful planning.

    Each escalating traffic jam also comes with little snippets of each driver's personal life, to create a strange, ever-unfolding story to accompany your roadside mayhem. Prune Android , iOS is a relaxing, minimalist puzzle game that draws heavily from the Japanese art of bonsai. Players need to carefully cultivate a growing plant, deftly pruning stray branches and taking advantage of the environment and obstacles. If everything works out well your plant gets enough light, then you're rewarded with an elegant bonsai tree with fresh blossoms swaying in the wind.

    The game's stark, minimalist aesthetic is joy to behold, and the game has a screen capture function built in, allowing you to save particularly elegant or strange blooms to your camera roll.

    Best Puzzle Games - Top Puzzle Apps for Android and iPhone | Tom's Guide

    A Good Snowman is Hard to Build Android , iOS is a charming puzzle game that casts you in the role of a monster in a hedge maze building snowmen to keep him company. The challenge is in the blend of Sokoban-like push puzzles, with a "Tower of Hanoi"-like system, as each snowman is built with three snowballs of decreasing size. Cute graphics and a calming aesthetic make for a nice, relaxing, family-safe puzzle game.

    For something that adds a bit more action to a Sokoban-like, check out RareSloth's King Rabbit , sequel to Furdemption. As the titular King Rabbit, it's up to you to rescue your fellow rabbits from their cages while evading deadly traps, solving puzzles, and avoiding your enemies. Like Furdemption before it, King Rabbit takes the intricate push puzzle levels of Sokoban-likes and adds a timing element to traps, hazards and other puzzle elements. The game features a campaign of more than levels, with additional level packs, hints, and slow-time powerups available as in-app purchases.

    The Lost City – FAQ/Walkthrough

    Transported to a fantasy realm, Om Nom must outwit a candy-hungry wizard by solving a variety of puzzles across more than levels to get at the candy. Cut The Rope: Magic adds a new gameplay element: transformations. Om Nom can shapeshift into a variety of alternate forms, each with their own special traits to help navigate each level's puzzles. The game's puzzles don't depend on any guesswork at all, relying only on pure logic, with a detailed tutorial on the rules of this classic puzzle style.

    Pixel Puzzle takes advantage of multi-touch controls to let players easily shade in or exclude multiple tiles, with a hint system to help players out. The app includes 14 puzzles for free, with multiple puzzle packs available as in-app purchases. Not only does Touchstone deliver fiendish puzzle thrills, but also a thought-provoking story.


    As volunteers in a government surveillance program, players must solve a series of reflection puzzles in order to tap into the private communications of suspect individuals. Touchstone provides both solid gameplay and a darkly satirical look at the modern surveillance state. As in the original game, players must match 3 icons to break through obstacles, such as swords for monsters and keys for chests and locked doors.