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That was the case with the new dynamic wallpapers feature that many of us have come to love, and it turns out that the seemingly restricted selection of live wallpapers was once not so small.

New in iOS 7: dynamic and panoramic wallpapers

And if you want even more wallpapers for your iOS device, be sure to check out our coverage of iDynamic! What do you think of these hidden wallpapers? Are they better than the default ones that Apple included? Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox.

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How to Use Live Wallpapers on Your iPhone

Not all GIFs make great live wallpapers. You don't want the clock to block the best part of the animation, nor do you want the animation to be cropped on both sides because the screen's width wasn't big enough to show the whole thing. Since you can't pinch to zoom out on a GIF in the GIPHY app, which would help you judge the placement when you make a live wallpaper later, you'll have to just imagine the lock screen overlayed on the GIF in question.

You can also just download a ton of GIFs and try them out one by one later. Keep in mind that portrait-shaped GIFs will work better than square- or landscape-shaped ones since your iPhone's lock screen is in portrait orientation only. Square and landscape ones may zoom in too much, cutting off too much of the action.

Newest iPhone FAQs

Next, select the Live Photos icon the circles within circles , and you'll be shown two options in the popup:. For live wallpapers, the best thing to do is select the "Full Screen" option.

iOS 7 - How to - Creating Your Own Dynamic Wallpapers!

Chances are it's not the same ratio. Even though these started as GIFs, they were turned into Live Photos, so they wouldn't show up in the "Animated" album. You could add " Loop " or " Bounce " effects to the Live Photos, but you won't be able to add them as wallpapers from the Photos app.

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Once you've opened the Live Photo you want, tap the share sheet icon. From the bottom row of options, find and select "Use as Wallpaper. If you tried out some "Loop" or "Bounce" effects, you can still use those as your live wallpaper, but you'll have to do it from the Settings app.

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Open that up, select "Wallpaper," then "Choose a New Wallpaper. Once on your lock screen, press and hold firmly on the background image and watch it animate, just like you would any other Live Photo. As you could probably tell, I used a square-shaped and landscape GIF, two types I suggested not to use.