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This is a big update to one of the best casual video editing apps out there, and considering that iOS 13 will also add features like rotating video, this will solidify Apple's leading positions when it comes to video editing on mobile devices. Reply Report. Simply amazing! Joke of them, we got the Blue Screen feature on Windows long ago, Apple playing catch up game late again.

This is for a phone! This is an interesting editor. Victor, if you had to, how much knowledge would you say you have about iOS? There's a debate in another thread that I would like to settle. I have green and blue screen. Can use presets. Keyframes and a ton of features. Want to comment? Please Log in or sign up. Comments Options. Options Follow Show comments:.

Threaded Chronological Newest first. Always view all comments. Reply to My comments. All posts. Updates by My feed. Instantly Daily Weekly. Report Post. Bad language. Not English content. Text comment:. Tap on the Audio icon audio browser shown in the image to the right. Scrub through the Timeline Swiping left or right on the timeline, called "scrubbing", lets you move through all the clips you've added to make your movie.

iMovie’s big iOS update adds 80 new soundtracks, green-screen effects, image overlays – TechCrunch

Zoom in or Out Pinch two fingers closed on the timeline to zoom out and see more clips at once. Pinch out to zoom in for more detailed editing. Tap the Previous Clip button to join back through the timeline clip by clip. When you select a clip in the timeline, the inspector appears at the bottom of the screen. The inspector includes a series of tools that will enable you to adjust the speed or volume of a clip, add titles and apply filters.

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To use the inspector , select the type of edit you want to make: Actions , Speed , Volume , Titles , or Filters. Inspector: Actions.

  • iMovie for the iPad.
  • Adjust a green-screen or blue-screen effect!
  • iMovie for iPhone & iPad updates for green screens, ClassKit, new soundtracks.
  • Inspector: Speed. Inspector: Volume. Inspector: Titles. Inspector: Filters. The location of the playhead determines where media drops into the the timeline. To reorder a clip, begin by tapping and holding the clip you wish to move. Then drag the clip left or right to the desired location in the timeline. Once a clip has been added to the timeline , it can be trimmed. Begin, by tapping on the clip in the timeline.

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    The clip will become outlined in yellow. Make sure Actions is selected in the inspector. The ends of the clip will both of a thicker line called the left trim handle and the left trim handle. Select the trim line you wish to cut. Move the trim line either away from the clip to lengthen the clip to reveal more video if the video recorded has more video or move it away from the clip to shorten and remove parts of the video. You can change the speed to go in slow motion or fast. In the timeline, tap on the video you wish to adjust to edit. Then, tap Speed in the inspector.

    iMovie For iPhones, iPad Updated With New Green Screen Feature

    The clip will have a yellow bar that you can adjust to select where you wish to edit the speed. In the inspector, you can can scroll to reduce or increase the speed of the highlighted clip. When satisfied with your changes select Add bottom right corner. If unsatisfied with the changes select Reset bottom right corner.

    To modify a transition, tap the transition button between any clip. The transition button looks like to arrows pointing at one another. The inspector will appear on the bottom. Insert your first clip to the presentation. In the timeline , position the playhead to where you wish to add the additional clip. Next, go to the Add button top right corner to open up the media library. From the media library, select a clip you wish to add for overlay.

    A box will appear under the clip with three icons: an addition symbol, a play symbol and three-dots ellipses.

    iMovie for iOS adds sweet green screen effect

    The addition symbol allows you to add the clip however the clip will go to the end of the timeline and cannot be used for the overlay. The play symbol allows you to preview the clip before adding. The ellipses will reveal the option to add the audio only from the clip, to replace the current clip, to add the clip as an overlay picture-in-picture effect or to add the clip beside the other clip side-by-side effect.

    Tap on the clip to be edited for the inspector to appear. Select Actions from the inspector and then select Split. Begin, by positioning the playhead where you wish to begin the recording. Then, tap the Record Audion button located on the left-side of the screen it looks like a microphone.

    A Ready to Record box will pop up. Tip: You may want to practice speaking until you find an appropriate speaking level. You want to avoid speaking in the red zone.

    How to Use Green Screen in iMovie

    Tap Record in red font and can be found in the Ready to Record box. A box will pop up titled Recording Finished. You can choose to Cancel the recording, Retake the recording, Review the recording or Accept the recording. A blue bar will appear below the video clip. This is the new recording. You can change the location of the recording bar by simply taping and dragging it to the desired location across the timeline.

    While the recorded bar is selected you can also choose to trim it, speed it up, or change the volume on the clip. Tap the clip or image from the timeline that you wish to add text to. Then, tap the Titles button in the inspector and choose the desired text style. Under the title types you can select to either Center or Lower the text.