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Rightly or wrongly, Begin and Ben-Gurion both opened up a new era for us. The notion that a fully-armed Israel in would have prevented or mitigated the slaughter is wishful thinking. His goal was to gain time. Complete p. Andrew, are you saying that if Israel had existed in the holocaust would have still happened. Direct me to the relevant source where I can learn all about the planned logistics of evacuating all the Jews from E.

Europe and repelling a German invasion without British help if only the Arabs and Brits were chased out sooner. Of course there are too many variables in discussing what-if scenarios. A Jewish government would have prevented the Holocaust. Nato governed by France and England led the forces in Libya, but Obama seems to be getting credit for the attack.

May have. And may not have. Hitler hated Jews, but there is no indication that his goal was to kill every one. Once he fulfilled his goal of removing Jews from society, then he either had to exile us or kill us. He left that to underlings. He once even had a crush on a Jewish woman. True, survival in Israel before the war ended would have been difficult, but survival after the war was difficult, too,.

It was never easy. Jewish leaders in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising complained about that kind of Jew, too. The kind that would have survived the Ghetto if they only could have brought their maid and butlers with them. Beatrix, Hitler sought out and killed Jews in every country he invaded,or was allied with. He pressureD the Italians to deliver up the Jews, but they resisted for quite a while. The Japanese had no interest at all in his lunacy,and let Jews take refuge in Kobe.

It took the political movements of those times,a couple of world wars to bring down all those empires,and who knows what else. Ben Gurion was a tyrannical socialist who treated immigrants from Arab countries as cattle, created unworkable political system and laid the foundations of perennial economic bankruptcy. The secret of Israeli success lies in overcoming his legacy, not venerating it. You only get out what goes in. Oh, and all European Zionists with any economic clout treated Mideastern Jews like cattle during the Ottoman-British period.

Germany was a diverse nation in serious economic trouble, with Communists, Nazis, Socialists, Democrats, rich, poor, working, middle, and upper-class all embroiled in a fight for supremacy. The only thing that united the German people was their hatred of Jews. Hitler undoubtedly was prejudiced, but his vaunted hatred of the Jews may have been mainly a ploy to achiever power. Hitler never put his name on any extermination orders, and his actions may have stemmed from the fact that his back was against the wall. And Hitler was their flagbearer.

You seem to be arguing that Hitler was better than the German public.

I think history is clear that he was the same, or worse. Also, you need to read some more history. The creation of Israel at an earlier may have mitigated some of the casualties. I got the gist of what the author was trying to convey, but the piece just didnt flow very well..

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Hitler was not superman. He was a deeply disturbed young man with a schtick. They do deviate from their goals, they are manipulative, they can be manipulated. And he definitely achieved unity among a deeply divided German people by using their hatred of Jews. Is there anyone out there shaking in his boots over Ahmadinejad? Do you really think Hitler was any less ridiculous than he? If Israel had been established as a Jewish nation in as the result of the Balfour Declaration, they would have started their nation while most of the Arab nations were still under colonial control and they probably would have had a peaceful beginning free of suicide bombers and frequent Arab attacks.

WW2, would have started almost 25 years later, and perhaps Israel could have relied on allies and friendly nations to take the overflow of German Jews when they were exiled. And I think the fact that Hitler never put his name on any orders that led to the extermination of Jews is significant. A Bible verse that is misquoted so many times comes to mind:.

When using a single mat, you should look to choose any of the light colors such as mild gray, white, peach or cream. Obviously, this is not possible to accomplish manually unless you intend on spending a substantial amount of resources and man power to get it done. Your comment may be no longer than 2, characters, approximately words. We reserve the right to delete inappropriate comments.

Daniel Hertzberg. Access 93 comments. Bill Pearlman says:. Beatrix says:. Marduk Parush says:. To prevent the Holocaust would have taken a different history altogether. Arik Elman says:. Elena says:. Can there be any doubt that an escape hatch would have made a huge difference.

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Kxovnram says:. The wonderful craft — both yachts and workboats — are cared for by their owners and a supportive community of boatyards, trades people, and admirers. Saanich Fair Sept. Rifflandia Music Festival Sept. Highlights include art installations, a cinema area, food vendors, an art area called Artlandia featuring local arts and crafts and several stages presenting a diverse lineup of internationally renowned rock, pop and indie musical acts. Sidney Fine Arts Show Oct. World class juried art show for serious artists and patrons of the arts. The relaxed vibe and waterfront charm of main street is magnified by a selection of favourite foodie haunts.

Walk the pier and visit the Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre. Go whale-watching. View the paintings of internationally known artists. Take the kids to the Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre. Visit the monument to famed Canadian poet Robert Service a one-time shopkeeper here. Cobble Hill - Perched high above the sparkling Saanich Inlet, Cobble Hill is tucked into a pastoral landscape of parks, farmland and vineyards. Sample local award-winning cider, wine and food.

Visit a lavender farm. The Salish Sea is the intricate network of coastal waterways located between the south-western region of British Columbia, and the north-western region of the U. The inland waterways of the Salish Sea are partially separated from the open Pacific Ocean by Vancouver Island and the Olympic Peninsula, and are thus partially shielded from Pacific Ocean storms. Immerse yourself in nature, surrounded by the waters of the Salish Sea and featuring some of the best hiking in Canada Located between Vancouver Island and BC's Mainland, Gulf Island communities are creative meccas where you can meet local artists at markets or at their home studios.

Ocean and farm-fresh culinary bounty is presented by chefs and food producers who prepare local ingredients with unique west-coast flair. Live music can be heard year-round at unique venues and pubs. Lakefront cabins and cottages are great for families and groups. There are also yurts, tipis and converted Airstream trailers. Resorts, hotels and spas round out the mix, with choices that meet the needs of higher-end travellers. Weddings are popular here as are wellness retreats, business meetings and family reunions.

With year-round daily service with BC Ferries, float plane operators and water taxis, getting to and around these islands in the Salish Sea is half the fun. Galiano Island - festivals and arts scene including the Kunamokst Mural, along with hiking delights. Mayne Island offers laid-back charms, markets and dining options and beautiful views from the Georgina Point Lighthouse.

Pender Island offers two islands to explore, beaches and seaside vistas, great dining and shopping, and vibrant friendly people with community spirit to share. Stay for cultural options where you are surrounded by parks to play in. Annual festivals and events are on year-round on all islands with the focus on fun. Choose from a family-friendly treasure hunt or a more strenuous route. Take a scenic road trip Drive to the top of Mt.

Or, cruise along the stunning ocean-side road to East Point on Saturna Island where you will find an unmatched view of the Strait of Georgia. Gain m as you explore beautiful forest scenery and be rewarded by jaw dropping panoramic views. Explore the local history Book a kayak guide or water taxi, and head to Russell Island where a forested trail takes you to a historic Hawaiian Homestead.

Paddle through the park reserve Cruise to Cabbage Island and enjoy the peace and quiet or circumnavigate Princess Margaret Portland Island for degrees of stunning views. Explore the backcountry Get away from it all at one of 10 backcountry campgrounds, Narvaez Bay, Saturna Island: a peaceful forest trail leads you down onto a beautiful rocky point, surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters and tall echoing cliffs. Take a seat, breathe in the clean forest air and admire your stunning surroundings.

Lie back and unwind on your beach blanket or catch up with a favourite book. Reserve your favorite campsite and settle in. Wildlife watching Pack your camera and a lunch and head to East Point, Saturna Island, Georgina Point, Mayne Island or Sidney Spit for your best chance to see everything from birds to sea lions to whales. Literary evenings, night markets, concerts, professional development and more. A wonderful way to end a great season with great performances by hosts Bill Henderson and Valdy. Backed by all the local usual suspects weaving their particular brand of musical magic. Each island will offer transportation, special events, music and fun.

Over organically-grown apple varieties. The Salt Spring Island Apple Festival is an incredible community event, attracting about apple lovers, celebrating the apples and food of Salt Spring Island and connecting you with the farms and farmers that produce this very special diversity of tasty, healthy food. They are accepted by many merchants across Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, including all three grocery stores, and the local hardware store. Each bill is printed on high quality artistic paper, and features a local historical pioneer as well as artwork from a local artist on the reverse side.

Unique security features include embedded holograms on higher denomination bills, unique serial numbers and real gold foil embossing. The Studio Touris a self-guided tradition of art,craft,cheese and w ine,now in its 28th year! Enterthe studios,talk w ith the artists,and take hom e a piece of theirpassion. Victoria Bug Zoo, victoriabugzoo.

Mary Magdalene Anglican Church, mayneisland. Alberni Valley Museum, alberniheritage. Discovery Fishing Pier, campbellriver. Tofino Botanical Gardens, tbgf. We honor We hon o or aallll ccompetitor om mpe peti titor tito toor coupons and provide you full value! Ripple Rock Hiking Trail, campbellrivertourism.

From concerts and festivals to many outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking and more, Cowichan features a myriad of other attractions that can be enjoyed year-round.

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When you consider that everything that happens here — from the eclectic to the extreme — is packaged with some of the most breathtaking scenery anywhere, Cowichan becomes a destination that competes with the best that the world has to offer. Wines of every description, cider, craft beer and, more recently, spirits are produced by small operations that either grow what they need or source it locally.

Swing by, explore their technique and sample the fruits of their labour. The Centre features forest and marsh trails with excellent bird watching opportunities. Flying demonstrations are offered daily from March through December.

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Buy the freshest local fruits, vegetables, baking, jams and jellies, honey, crafts, clothing, pet treats and more. The market is open year-round with a short two-week closure over the winter holiday season, reopening the middle of January. A sunrise or sunset paddle is the perfect way to slow down and connect with nature. Today, there are 44, plus various sculptures, which can all be viewed by following the footprints along the walking tour through town.

Each totem pole tells a story that can be retold if you know what to look for. Prestigious junior regatta with over 1, athletes and coaches participating.

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Jump into the adventure and let friendship fill each day! Experience over 75 activities all with an amazing staff in a spectacular setting. The best of a Canadian west-coast summer! Located in the central region of Vancouver Island, Nanaimo is your convenient entry point and homebase for an island getaway.

This harbour city opens the door on degrees of adventure: paddle the calm waters of more than 18 lakes in and around Nanaimo, then set your nautical compass for Newcastle Island Saysutshun , traditional land of the Snuneymuxw First Nation. Stand tall after climbing 1, meters to the peak of Mount Benson, and feel the immensity of the full circle view. The thrill-seeking travellers surmount heartpounding challenges with adventure courses, bungee jumping and zip-lining through the tree-tops.

And yet all will find the stillness to rejuvenate when kicking back on the beach to watch the ferry dock, or enjoying a cold handmade beverage at one of four craft breweries. Get up close and personal with the harbour seals when you dive off Snake Island with a knowledgeable guide. Pamper yourself in a luxury hotel, watching the harbour world thrive while you sip your favourite beverage, or choose a bed and breakfast; each has something unique to offer. The well-run and popular campgrounds provide a private camping experience just minutes away from the city centre.

Whether you are pitching a tent or pulling a rig, camping in Nanaimo is a naturally beautiful experience. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise and calming sounds of the Salish Sea while you camp with your friends, family or large group at the beautiful oceanside campground. Hike or bike on one of the many trails with panoramic views and explore the tidal pools and beaches, forest ecology or one of the many historic sites including Snuneymuxw village sites, sandstone quarries, fish saltery and coal mine sites. Check out our website and plan your trip today!

They brew delicious coffee and feature homemade goodies. This is A Walk Through Time and much of what you will be walking by are historical buildings in Nanaimo. Riso Foods in Lantzville serves great locally inspired Italian cuisine. Nori, is a Japanese restaurant, popular with locals and visitors.

Or check out Simon Holt for a great selection of seafood and lots of live music. Here you will find an impressive selection of over different Whiskies from around the world. So sit back and enjoy a drink in the casual Grand Cru Lounge. For Sebastion Beach it is a short and easy walk straight onto a long stretched bay with plenty of space to find a private spot to see the sunset.

They have a great variety of craft beers and also have added some seasonal beers and ales to their selection. Pre-planning is important with this location as they are only open Wed-Fri, 2pm-6pm. If you are wishing to tour the brewery, it is recommended to book in advance. Arbutus Distillery — is a craft distillery specializing in high quality spirits. They are located conveniently in central Nanaimo and their tasting bar is open to the public and ready for you to sample some of their spirits. This stop may require some pre planning as they are only open Tues-Fri 11am-6pm and Sat 12pm-5pm.

Wolf Brewing Company — has a tasting room open 7 days a week at 12pm, serving everything in their core lineup, seasonal and special, small batches. You can also book ahead of time to get a tour with the Brew Master. Make your way back downtown to White Sails Brewery, settled into a historic building. The ambience, combined with great beer, provides for a great way to end the brew tour. They have a few snacks to munch on or you can order from your local favourite restaurant for delivery and enjoy your beer and dinner right there. Be sure to leave room for the iconic dessert — the Nanaimo Bar.

Make Nanaimo your homebase for an island stay with many accommodations to choose from. Travel by car to experience the best of the central island region, and beyond. Drive up to Mount Washington and take a scenic chairlift to the summit, enjoying the views of the Comox Valley, Strathcona Park, the Comox Glacier, Mount Arrowsmith and, on a good clear day, Mount Baker off in the distance. The Vancouver Island Conference Centre is an ideal environment for reflections, networking and decision making. Guides lead you into the vineyard, then pair cheeses and smoked salmon with a selection of wines for tasting.

Humpback whales, grey whales, Minke whales, Dalls porpoises, harbour seals, sea lions and bald eagles are also abundant in the area. At feet long and feet tall, the s structure stretches above the salmon-bearing Koksilah River near Shawnigan Lake. In the town of Chemainus, take a self-guided walking tour of 41 historic murals painted on downtown businesses. Emily Carr is among the artists that depict the town's mining, fishing, forestry and First Nations history.

DAY 2 Drive north and the landscape opens up to towering old-growth forests and underground adventures in some of the island's 1, caves. This little town is home to the Old Country Market where goats graze on the roof in summer. Wander the little shops, pick up fresh produce, and break for an ice cream cone. In MacMillan Provincial Park, you can stand beneath giant Douglas fir trees that are more than years old. The forest is on the highway between Qualicum Beach and Port Alberni, and short easy trails lead directly from the roadside.

Near Coombs in a natural outdoor setting you can visit eagles, owls, falcons,, hawks, and black bears in various stages of recovery. Raptor presentations run throughout summer. Strap on your helmet and light and follow a guide past crystal formations, waterfalls, and ancient fossils in this park's protected caves. Tours range from family-friendly to extreme rappelling adventures. There are two caves for experienced spelunkers to explore without a guide. Downtown Nanaimo ferries whisk you away to three great islands in 20 minutes or less. Newcastle Island Saysutshun — This forested island on traditional Snuneymuxw First Nation territory has no cars or roads.

Beautiful beaches and hiking trails lead to aboriginal village sites, sandstone quarries, and coal mining sites. Protection Island — Residents of this tiny community get around by foot, bike or golf cart. The floating pub and museum are worth the trip.

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Gabriola Island — Here you can kayak beneath unusual coastal sandstone formations, swim at sandy beaches, and follow the artist studio trail. A wide crescent, Departure Bay Beach is always active with float planes and huge ferries coming and going. The sandiest spot is at Blueback Beach during low tide. Highest peak — Mt. Benson Trails Trek to the 1,m summit of Mt.

Benson for panoramic views of Nanaimo, the ocean, and Coast Mountains. Favourite dog off-leash — Cable Bay Trail Follow this lush forest trail to see a surging narrow ocean pass and hear barking sea lions. Lakeview favourite: Westwood Lake Trails Follow the 5. Benson foothills network. Prettiest waterfall — Ammonite Falls Trail Grab a knotted rope at the end of the ravine trail and ease your way down to the base of the falls. Technical single-track: Doumont Trails This extensive forested area offers a wide variety of downhill and cross-country trails.

Biggest urban wilderness — Linley Valley Trails This acre green space in the heart of Nanaimo features a lake, creeks, and ridges to climb. Best for long rides: Parkway Trail This km paved, tree-lined trail runs adjacent to the Parkway Highway. Take a deep breath and take in a real island experience.

There are mountains to summit, calm bays to paddle, and hidden waterfalls to discover. Quality furniture for generations Visit our 14, sq. See a sunset at Neck Point Park An easy loop trail skirts the ocean shore and leads to spectacular viewpoints. Snorkel with the Harbour seals Guided tours gear you up and put you face-to-face with these playful creatures.

Bungee jump or zip line over a canyon Fly through the West Coast rainforest above the Nanaimo River canyon. Kayak around Newcastle Island Ride the ferry waves, see unusual sandstone formations, and watch for seals. Drive the Cedar Yellow Point Artisan Trail A country road leads to studios, galleries, a honey farm, cranberry bog and more. Camp Enjoy the sunrise and a warm campfire at the beautiful oceanside Newcastle Island campground. All the facilities are within walking distance. Stay up to 14 days starting May 1 each year.

Wood is available for purchase and potable water and showers are available. Prior to European contact, the Snuneymuxw had many winter villages along the Nanaimo Harbour, each one consisting of several longhouses. The island has many Snuneymuxw sacred village sites and historical sites underscoring the rich heritage. Hike or Bike on one of the many trails with panoramic views and take a break at the Giovando Lookout viewpoint. KayaK around the Island but be sure to enjoy the many amenities the island has to offer Explore tidal pools and beaches, forest ecology or one of the many historic sites including Snuneymuxw village sites, sandstone quarries, fish saltery sites and coal mine sites.

Melissa Mills photo. Replenish and refuel after a busy day exploring the Island at the Saysutshun Bistro, located in the restored 's teahouse in the dance pavilion. Saysutshun Newcastle Island has always had a special place or mustiyuxw in the hearts of Snuneymuxw people. It has been used as a place of healing. Saysutshun was also used as a training ground by the competitive canoe pullers who would run the trails to keep themselves in top physical shape. Gathering traditional medicines In order to maintain Saysutshun, a Snuneymuxw family would live on the island to ensure the traditional medicines were not over picked and the trails had been kept clear and free from debris.

Snuneymuxw territory encompasses one of the most productive and resource rich areas at the heart of the Salish Sea. Blonde raccoons of Newcastle Island Nanaimo's Newcastle Island has its own animal attraction, blonde racoons. Newcastle Island is one of the only places in B. Sightings take timing and a little luck, but the blonde raccoons are on the beach regularly. Close to many sporting venues in Nanaimo. We offer free parking for vehicles of any size.

Stream you favourite video from the comfort of your room. Enjoy a workout in our fitness facility and go for a swim in our heated, seasonal outdoor pool. Contact the hotel for special rates. Events range from Spring Break Nature Camps for kids to wildlife viewing opportunities and guest speakers across Parksville, Qualicum Beach, and surrounding areas. Crystals, rocks, fossils, beads, jewelry supplies. Door prizes and concession. A weekend of fun for the entire family. The seventh race of the Island Series.

The course is a pretty, rural route. Regular series runners will want to challenge themselves on this route. Nanaimo Kinsmen Beer Festival April 7, Beban Park Social Centre, Nanaimo Representatives from various breweries will be on hand to answer questions and provide tastings of their products. Sunday in Nanaimo Harbour. The series will take pump track racing to a new level and bring a fresh face to bike racing all around the world from New Zealand to the USA, Chile to India and France to Japan.

Parksville's Sand Sculpting Competition history dates back to , when it hosted its first B. A total of people attended the first event, and it was reviewed as a great success. This is a world-class event for master sand sculptors and official qualifying event for the World Championship of Sand Sculpting. Master sand sculptors travel from all corners of the globe to participate in this remarkable competition in Parksville. Sculptors have 30 hours over four days to create their masterpieces from just sand and water and a lot of ingenuity. Petroglyph Provincial Park has the most concentrated collection of rock art on Vancouver Island created by previous generations.

A clearly marked trail will lead you through the park to view the petroglyphs. Information boards offer details about the history of the area, and help to decipher the petroglyphs. Bring a large piece of paper and make your own petroglyph rubbings as a souvenir using the replicas near the beginning of the trail.

The real petroglyphs are scattered around the small park and are often hard to see. The highest concentration is near the end of the short paved trail. Access to the park is off Hwy 1, with a large parking area at the trailhead. There is a well-maintained trail in the park that is wheelchair accessible. This suspension bridge spans the Englishman River and connects many walking and biking trails.

Sit and enjoy the view, swim in the many pools, fish for salmon in the river, or hike, walk or bike the many trails surrounding this beautiful structure. Head just past the truck scales on Highway 19A, and continue past the four-way stop which puts you onto Kaye Road. Turn right onto Chattell Road and continue to the end.

Suspension bridge is visible from the large parking area. Heavy-duty ropes anchor each sphere to a carefully chosen triangle of trees. A Wildlife Experience for the Whole Family! Gates close at p. Lovely Country Market Featuring: Local produce, meat products, wine, beer and cider, handicrafts, honey, fresh baking and much more.

Live entertainment. Join us and enjoy our relaxed, rural atmosphere! Cash only please. Esquimalt Farmers Market provides a marketplace and gathering point that builds relationships, and encourages healthy, local living. Join us on Thursdays, pm inside Esquimalt Rec. Centre Fraser St. May 24 - Sept 13! Find locally grown produce, live music, food trucks and artisans, all year!

Contact: josiejones shaw. Local ceramic artists in this popular, long established show will exhibit a wide variety of handcrafted, artful, functional and sculptural clay creations for home and garden. Free admission, door prizes, refreshments. For more info: All dogs must be on leads, and all owners will receive a free draw ticket. One location, over 25 potters each with their own unique style. Choose the perfect piece for yourself or a friend. For more information contact nancyfraser gmail.

For further info call or www. Free Parking.

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Paintings, glass, wood signs, upcycled items and much more. Lots of parking. Free admission. Come and celebrate our 46th year! Wheelchair accessible. Water Stations. Leashed pets welcome. Proceeds from this family event go to local charities and school sponsored events. Check us out at: www. The family-friendly trail runs along the rocky and rugged Pacific coast and grants breathtaking views of the Broken Group Islands, Barkley Sound, the living rainforest, and Amphitrite Point.

The 2. The Big Beach to Rocky Bluffs route 5 km one way is a moderate hike, with small hills and stairs. The final loop in this trail offers cliff-side views of rocky headlands. The Ancient Cedars Loop 0. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve Stroll perfect stretches of white sand and explore dense coastal rainforest on winding boardwalk trails. Get oriented at the park information centre near the Tofino turnoff from Highway 4.

This marine paradise, comprised of more than islands of various sizes, is known for its clear waters, abundant marine life including a remarkable range of starfish and old shipwrecks. Guided tours are recommended. Journey to Kiixin, the ancient traditional village site of the Huu-ay-aht people. Inhabited by Huu-ay-aht ancestors for over 5, years, Kiixin is the only known remaining complete traditional First Nations village on the southern BC Coast and is commemorated as a National Historic Site.

Tours for the season will be available from May to September. For more information please contact: kiixintours huuayaht. The awe-inspiring coastal landscapes of the Pacific Rim region remain integral to the livelihood and heritage of the Nuu-chah-nulth people. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and First Nation partners are working together to continue the age-long practice of welcoming and sharing Nuu-chah-nulth history, traditions, and culture with visitors.

Toquaht Nation and Uchucklesaht Tribe also have treaty rights within the park. Marvel at the unique hand-carved totem pole depicting the land Bear with Salmon , sea Killer Whale , and sky Thunderbird of this beautiful area. Kwisitis Visitor Centre Kwisitis, or the "other end of the beach" in the Nuu-chah-nulth language, is a fitting name for this iconic west coast building perched at the south end of Wickaninnish Beach in beautiful Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. The outside deck is the perfect yearround spot to view whales, storms and surfers alike. Inside the centre, new exhibits about the land, sea, sky and people of the area await you.

See the giant murals of marine mammals and the rainforest. Take a photo in front of the large whale tail. Listen to stories of the First Nations of this coast. Ride a giant slug. Explore a replica of a First Nations longhouse and whale hunt. Examine tracks of bears, wolves, cougars and other critters that use our beaches. Learn about the fascinating history of the west coast.

The resources of this vast ocean and temperate rainforests have traditionally supported the social, cultural and economic well-being of the Nuu-chah-nulth people. The oral traditions of the Nuu-chah-nulth tell of a people who have made their home here for centuries, of a people who were born from this very land. Parks Canada works closely with the Tseshaht First Nation to care for this place and share its significance with visitors. Beach Keepers, welcome visitors and provide advice and safety information, and continue a legacy borne out of ancient protocol.

Fishing, hiking, golf, geocaching and mountain biking are all within minutes of town. Rated as one of the top surf towns in the world by National Geographic, this charming, funky, yet sophisticated coastal village, has A-list culinary establishments, galleries and boutiques, great accommodations from beachfront camping to sought-after resorts and easy access to prime beaches and trails.

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Shop for local and First Nations art. Learn to master a SUP or surf board. And travel by boat, zodiac or seaplane when heading to Hot Springs Cove for toasty soaks in its rock pools and waterfalls. Situated within Clayoquot Sound and home to iconic and protected temperate old-growth forests, Tofino is part of B. Inhabited by Huu-ay-aht ancestors for more than 5, years, Kiix-in is the only known remaining complete traditional First Nations village on the southern B.

With significant standing traditional architecture, it is commemorated as a National Historic Site. The area is rich in history and significance for the Huu-ay-aht people. Tours are offered but need to be booked in advance. To book, call or e-mail kiixintours huuayaht. There is a space for a maximum of 20 people per tour. Duration: 3. Originally settled by the Huu-ay-aht First Nation, Bamfield is a quiet, unassuming village in the Barkley Sound where the love of the land and sea prevails.

Whether you beach comb or bird watch, fish or hike, adventure opportunities abound. Rain forest, deserted beaches, uninhabited islands, rugged coastline, world class diving. Here you will find more tyees than anywhere on the west coast. Halibut and cod also promise thrilling catches. The sheltered coves and white sand beaches of the islands of the Barkley Sound are yours to explore. Additional sailings during the summer months. Passenger service only. The truck drivers will generally pull over to let you pass once they are in an area where it is safe to do so.

Top up the fluids and carry a spare tire in good working order. Carry bottled water and snacks. Enjoy the undeveloped natural hot mineral spring pools in their natural state, reached by a pleasant two-kilometre boardwalk through old-growth rainforest. The geothermal hot springs cascade down a waterfall into half a dozen rocky pools. The delightful hot pools flow from one level to the next, becoming gradually cooler as the fresh spring water is cooled by ocean swells.

Accessible by boat, water taxi, helicopter or floatplane from Tofino. Thousands stop to feed and rest. Prix-fixe menus are offered at partnering restaurants, highlighting local and sustainable seafood offerings such as salmon, crab, spot prawns and shellfish. Tofino Food and Wine Festival June , Tofino Botanical Gardens 15th annual festival celebrates the marriage of food and wine, with the main event, Grazing in the Gardens, showcasing local culinary talents and B. Tofino SUP Challenge June , Tofino Join the fun and fast growing sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding, showcased at each race location with off-thebeach sprint races, fun relays and long distance courses for all ages and experience levels.

Dance workshops. Free Tuff City outdoor concert, performances in Tofino and Ucluelet on Canada Day, celebration of Indigenous culture, Ballet Victoria, pop up art market, local and guest performances. Tel: Toll Free: April to September www. The ancient practice of totem carving has been handed down through generations as a way of preserving the history of local native heritage as well as honouring tribal rituals and sacred spirits of people. The First Nations people of Vancouver Island have maintained their diverse cultures by breathing life into ancient traditions and customs and welcome all to experience it.

Duncan: Native history and culture are apparent throughout Duncan, the City of Totems. Under the roof of a large carving shed, totem poles take shape; visitors may view work in progress. Alert Bay is easily accessible by a scenic ferry ride from Port McNeill. A collection of memorial totem poles may be viewed from the roadway at the Namgis Burial Grounds in Alert Bay. The rich native heritage of Campbell River is proudly displayed in the Campbell River Museum, which features a fine display of contemporary native masks and ceremonial items.

Quadra Island: A ten-minute ferry ride from Campbell River is well worth a visit. The Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre at Cape Mudge displays an impressive collection of masks, potlatch regalia, rattles, whistles and other ceremonial objects associated with winter dances. These are some of the items that have filtered back from private collections over the years. Victoria: The Royal British Columbia Museum, located in the inner harbour area of Victoria, presents a premier collection of native artifacts.

Outside the museum, protected from the elements, stand some of the oldest totem poles and greet figures ever collected and preserved. Music by the Sea July 19 - 24, Bamfield Classical and contemporary solo and chamber music, sophisticated jazz and alternative music — each concert features unique and diverse selection. Carving on the Edge Festival is a celebration of the West Coast carver, showcasing traditional and contemporary West Coast wood carving with a full calendar of exhibits, storytelling, family programs, demonstrations and a variety of hands-on workshops.

The Tofino Lantern Festival draws a following with an unbelievable variety of handmade lanterns. Largest annual fundraiser for the Raincoast Education Society, facilitating delivery of educational walks, talks and courses for curious minds of all ages. During the week leading up to the festival, lantern-making and -decorating workshops take place at the botanical gardens, allowing you to flex your creative muscles. Bruhwiler Kids Surf Classic Sept.

The FREE, fun and competitive event showcases the youngest Canadian surfers who brave the cold waves for their love of surfing. For ages up to 18 years. Preregistration is mandatory and limited. Stretching across the breadth of Vancouver Island from coast to coast, over the peaks of the mountainous centre is the North Central Island Region.

The Comox Valley - a place that inspires creativity, tempts the taste buds, soothes the soul and fires the imagination of adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Halfway up the east coast of Vancouver Island, this community of 65, faces the sea and embraces the mountains, has the charm of a small town but with a touch of urban sophistication and taste.

Carve down an alpine ski run with an ocean view, Nordic ski through an ancient forest, scuba dive in crystal clear water, mountain bike or hike along a river, paddle kilometres of shoreline and tee off at one of many scenic golf courses. Festivals throughout the year celebrate everything from music and shellfish to fine art and aviation. The Comox Valley offers four seasons of fantastic experience.

Comox This seaside community of 14, and growing is quickly becoming one of the hottest vacation and relocation destinations on Vancouver Island. Comox is characterized by a fresh, spirited energy, an infectious 'joie de vivre' and a modern facelift spurred by millions of new dollars in capital investment. Experience This Stand-up paddleboard the shimmering waters of Comox Harbour, kite surf the wind-whipped waves at Goose Spit or try catamaran sailing amongst the islets and inlets of the Salish Sea. Discover This Looking for that special something? Check out all our hidden gems at comoxbythesea.

The city of Campbell River — known for some of the best salmon fishing in the world — lies north of Courtenay and Comox. Fishers from all over the world are drawn here for the year-round fishing — primarily for salmon, but also for halibut, red snapper and ling cod. Trapping crab and prawns is popular as well. The biggest prize are Chinook salmon. Located in the heart of downtown, the Coast Discovery Inn is the perfect place to take in everything Campbell River. While playing golf you may share your experience with deer, eagles, hawks and other wildlife. Play year round providing chances to connect with locals and participate in the creative and traditional aspects of the sport.

Enjoy active adventure through a myriad of activities at Mount Cain and Mount Washington - snow shoeing, crosscountry skiing, tubing and snowmobiling to. Renovated, comfortable and clean, 15 minute walk from downtown Campbell River. Mini fridges, microwave and coffee maker in each guest room. We offer complete convention and catering services, perfect for destination weddings up to people and conferences. No matter what time of year, the opportunities for free exploration in world-class surroundings await.

Once the snow melts, summertime activities abound at the resort. The Eagle chairlift speeds groups far up the mountainside. Linger to enjoy the spectacular views or head out on a hiking trip into Strathcona Park, with options from an easy stroll on the boardwalks of the Paradise Meadows or set out farther afield through rugged sub-alpine forests and crystal-clear lakes and the breathtaking sight of Mount Albert Edward towering above.

Pacific Northwest Fusion cuisine, plus local wines and microbrews in a spectacular waterfront venue. V9W 1A5. For summertime seclusion, or winter snow activities, venture into Strathcona Provincial Park, where the mountains draw climbers, heli-skiers and other enthusiasts from around the world. Continue into remote reaches of north or west Vancouver Island. Head offshore to the Discovery Islands region for whale watching, kayaking, and other unparalleled wilderness opportunities. This seaside community attracts recreational mariners to the Comox Marina, where the catch of the day is readily available.

Quaint boutiques, cafes, restaurants and museums are located in downtown Comox, a short stroll from the Marina. Beautiful parks provide opportunities for peaceful walks, bird watching and photography. Campbell River has the intimate feel of a small town with amenities, attractions and shopping of a big city. Drop by the community theatre, public art gallery, or the many local shops that feature works by local artists, including authentic First Nations' art, jewelry, and carvings. Campbell River is also your gateway to outdoor recre-.

Shoppers will find one-of-a-kind boutiques, restaurants, pubs and cafes in the downtown core. The city is blessed with many walking trails, playgrounds, parks, and green areas. A vibrant arts and culture scene is on display in galleries, festivals and special events throughout the year. Buff up on history at the Cumberland Museum and Archives or on self-guided tours, then sip a locally crafted ale on an outdoor patio, or enjoy an espresso and a handmade chocolate on Dunsmuir Avenue.

Festivals throughout the year and many kilometres of mountain biking trails, hiking, lakeside camping and water sports on nearby Comox Lake, have turned the village into an outdoor recreation hub. Operations from its 10, ft. Just 20 kms north of Courtenay, many of the original Black Creek farms continue to provide produce, meat, dairy and other products for Comox Valley residents. Campers at Miracle Beach Provincial Park can explore a salmon bearing stream, trails through old growth forest and beaches, while the soft sand and tidal pools at Saratoga Beach offer hours of summertime fun.

Home to one of the deepest snowpacks in North America with a yearly average of more than 11 metres, Mount Washington Alpine Resort sports an ocean view like no other and is serviced by five lifts, five Magic Carpets, 81 marked trails, plus 55km of Nordic trails. Skiers and boarders can choose between deep powder on black diamond terrain or groomed runs fit for all ability levels. Quadra Island is the central community of the Discovery Islands, a group of small islands located along the Inside Passage seaway between Vancouver Island and mainland BC. Quadra is home to a lively, close-knit community from all walks of life and all parts of the world.

The area is blessed with stunning natural beauty, beaches, parks, wildlife and endless adventure-recreation opportunities. Warm, temperate climate, spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife, quiet, rural-lifestyle offer endless year-round recreation opportunities. Discover a wealth of recreational pursuits and a clean, modern and safe riverside community at the heart of Vancouver Island. Escape the crowds and visit Gold River any time of year. Visitors can still see remnants of the Royston Wrecks, and admire century old buildings of Heritage Row in Union Bay, including the Post Office, not far from where coal was once loaded onto steamships.

Exceptional Service. Be Yourself. Be Pampered. Your home-awayfrom-home awaits you … just a few hours away! Or, choose a vacation rental and just explore. From waterfront farms to cabins in the woods, our properties are diverse, homey and inspected. Puntledge River Nymph Falls were the result of an earlys joint operation in the creation of a fish ladder on the Puntledge River, completed by both the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and BC Hydro.

Since then, the falls have provided a popular recreation site for the Comox Valley residents. Forbidden Plateau PARK Things to do in the park include wildlife-watching, hiking, mountain biking, and swimming in the summer. The very rural Courtenay Airport is located next to the main parking lot. Barber's Hole There are numerous trails that lead from the parking lot through some very large secondgrowth forest, both up and down the Puntledge River.

The fish ladder provides a section of water that cascades through blasted rock into a large pool. Going upstream from here along the trail, you come to a section on the river called Barber's Hole, sometimes spelled "Boubors" Hole. The area found at Nymph Falls Nature Park provides easier access to the Puntledge River with some waist-deep sections, offering safer conditions with less current. Sandstone Shelves Access to the river for swimming is not very easy at Barber's Hole, especially for very young and older people. Because of the hard climb off the sandstone shelves to the river below, heavy ropes are provided to pull yourself up.

Once on the river, there are only a few sections to hang out along the bank, so try to arrive early to avoid the crowd. At Your Own Risk Swimming and exploring along the Puntledge River is at your own risk, with no lifeguards or any supervision present. Special caution must also be exercised as the Puntledge River can be susceptible to sudden releases of water from the reservoir dam operated upstream by BC Hydro.

There is also the chance of bear and cougar encounters, so practise safe wildlife procedures. Bear Country When you are enjoying the rivers and the countryside around North Central Vancouver Island, please remember this is bear country. Try to avoid the rivers during heavy salmon spawning times unless you feel comfortable with bears around and take the usual precautions. There is also the possibilities of encounters with wolves or cougars so play it safe.