Export contacts to iphone sim card

There are multiple ways to share information between Android handsets and an iPhone.

In this post we will show you some of our very favorite solutions. And it does it very well.

Import contacts from your SIM card to your iPhone

It can migrate contacts, messages, photos, videos, bookmarks, email accounts and calendars straight to any iOS device. When you are ready to transfer all your data, the iPhone or iPad will simply create a private Wi-Fi network and find your Android gadget. Enter the security code and the process will start. Simple as pie! While Apple is not traditionally fond of supporting Android users, Google is the complete opposite. Do keep in mind this only works if you already sync your contacts to your Google account.

How to copy contacts to SIM card?

From there, enter your Gmail account and make sure the Contacts checker is turned on. We can understand. You can make a VCF file, transfer it over to the iPhone and then simply open it to grab all your contacts data.

  • Method 1 – Manually (for small lists).
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The process differs slightly depending on the manufacturer from here. Your contacts should then be saved on the iPhone in Contacts.

How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to SIM

This brings some trouble to those who want to change the iPhone to other device or change the network provider. Is there any way to copy contacts from iPhone to SIM so that they can be kept intact? Here are some practical methods in this article to help you do so. If you have just a single contact or a small number of contacts to export from iPhone to SIM, it is a good way to email these contacts to an Android phone and export them to sim card. The steps are as follows.

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The previous method is quite an easy one. However, it can be a tedious and time-consuming means when the amount of contacts you need to copy from iPhone to SIM is large.

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At this time, iCloud will be a big help. What you need do is to sync your iPhone contacts with iCloud, download them to the computer, transfer them to an Android phone and eventually export to sim card. It seems a little complex to transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM with iCloud, but you will realize how easy it is going to be once you have a try of it.

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What if your Internet connection is cut off suddenly? How can you copy contacts from iPhone to SIM? Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery can help you do this even your are offline. It can also help you recover deleted contacts from iPhone even without backup. We found two apps that might be useful for this procedure.

How To Copy iPhone Contacts To Sim Card

And no, your computer does not need to be consulted. As demonstrated by the image below, the VCF file allows you to either select specific contacts to import to your list, or add the entire address book with the Add All X Contacts tab. Following method If your iPhone is running iOS 4.