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We recommend emailing the link to yourself so it's available to you on your computer for Step 2. To the left of your screen you'll see a list of your calendars. Click on the Share button next to the calendar you'd like to export. In the Calendar Sharing popup, check the Public Calendar option. You'll see a link appear below. You may need to triple-click this link to ensure you've selected the entire url.

Tap on the plus icon to bring up additional options:. Enter the URL you copied from either your Calendar app or icloud. Your Apple Calendar events will appear momentarily. Perfect - solved my problem. It was the synch settings. By the way - I couldn't find any way to get to that page from the Google Calendar browser interface - could only get there by using he link you embedded.

Very strange. Thank you very much for this. In my case, it turns out that at some point, the calendar syng with Google from iOS stopped working for email addresses that are not gmail. I had to enable gmail for the account, and then use the new email address for that for the credentials on my iPhone. That worked. Do any of your Google calendars sync immediately or does it take 15 minutes to show up on your Google calendar when u create an event?

The sync settings page worked for me. Thank you for providing such a thorough write-up. I would also add instructions on setting up your default account on chrome. For me, I am using chrome as three different logins. One of them is the default, so whenever you click the sync settings link it open up the default account, which in my case, was not the correct account After adding google syncing again, I had to restart my iPhone for the Google account section to even show up in the Calendar app.

FUN fact; i was struggling with this problem; even after i did all these steps nothing worked' and suddenly i realized cellular data for google calendar was off : i turned it on; and everything rocked. My calendars stopped synchronizing all of the sudden and nothing I did, including deleting the accounts, worked. Using the Google Calendar Sync Settings and turning some calendars off did the trick. I suspect that the act of saving what calendars I wanted reset something on the backend that allowed the sync to start again.

Finally deleted the account and re-added drastic measure! I would have never thought that was what I needed to do. The old "reboot". Thanks for prompt response. I deleted the account and then added it back. Don't know what the issue was, but it did the trick. So it goes Ah yes, the old "turn it off and back on again" trick.

Glad it's working now, thanks for letting us know. Great advice. I see the account I want to activate in Sync Settings but the check mark is gray and won't click to blue active. Hmmm that's an odd one, is this a personal Gmail account?

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If it's a Google Apps account tied to a domain, it could be because the domain administrator has disabled mobile access. Google calendar sync settings solved it for me. Didn't even know about that setting. A couple of calendars were not ticked to sync.

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  • I tried everything and am so thankful I found this. I did not know about the Google Calendar Sync Settings. The one calendar that would not sync was not even listed because it was not checked. As well as the info above, which was great. Also ensure that the account is added on the device as a google account, not an exchange or other account. Here's my peculiar find: when creating entries on my iPhone, as I type the location, the iPhone presents matching options for me to select from. So, for instance, if my appointment is in Toledo, i start typing "Toled..

    Thank you for posting this! I was going crazy trying to figure out why one shared calendar wasn't syncing to my phone.

    See Google Calendar events on Apple Calendar

    Step 3 worked, I check the box, went back into Calendars on my phone, pulled down to force the sync, it worked marvelously. Thanks so much! Step 3 took care of my issue - it was a the fact that the calendar was not selected to sync to iPhone. I had already done all of these things for my calendar and I realized that I did not have my google calendar set as my default calendar, so you may want to go into settings, click mail, contacts, calendars, scroll all the way to the bottom and select default calendar, then choose your google account and it will begin syncing everything you enter from that point on into your google calendar.

    Hoping this was going to solve my problem Google calendar wasn't there for me to choose as my default. I got to option 4, still having problems, and thought "Of course, I need a new app specific password! Here's the kicker, though It told me to provide my Google password instead on a dialog injected by Google. The mail worked, but none of the calendars synced.

    So now, instead of just missing a few newer calendars, I'm missing all of my calendars and I probably have around It might be worth mentioning I finally upgraded to iOS 8 a couple of days ago. Does iOS 8's Mail app have a way to circumvent app passwords? If so, why does my Google account say it last used my now defunct app password about an hour ago, but has never used the new one I just created.

    Thanks for the article, though. Yes and no.

    How to Sync Google Calendar to Your iPhone

    I don't recall how, but I got back all the calendars that were already synced. I never got the new ones I was trying to add, though. I just got the Google Calendars app and check that when I need to see the other calendars. Thank you soooooooo much! I was fighting the same battle as you and had been looking for the last year to find a good reason why not all the calendars were showing up in the Calendar app. That link was all it took. It's so great for Google to not publicize that well! Anyway, like you, doing it from my desktop worked fine. I can finally get rid of Calenmob and every other Calendar alternative.

    Thanks again. The ticket for me was uninstalling and reinstalling my Google account on my iPhone. Solved in seconds! Fantastic, solved a very frustrating problem. The Google Calendar Sync Settings was the ticket for me. The Google syncing issue and the work you did to figure it out solved 1. And now I'm the computer genius of the office. None of these things worked for me with my hosted Gmail domain account. Read Scotts post about setting up your calendar on your iOS device not by checking the Calendar option for your email account, but rather adding a new CalDAV account.

    I've been searching for this answer for months, and I now finally have it working! Thank you! This was the most annoying problem and this article helped me fix it in 30 seconds! You rock! The sync tool did the trick. Very frustrating to look for something that isn't there. I had to take the more drastic step, but it worked like a charm. Thank you so so much! Tim, there is something I considered today Anyway I can change the way the calendar logs me in? As I said, new info would sync to the pc app, but former entries did not show up on the pc. It appears that only the gmail app won't sync the previously-entered dates Hmm the only thing I can think might help in this case would be if you removed your Google Account from the app and re-added it again.

    There's a chance that the missing information would be downloaded when you login again I can add new dates to either my phone, my ipad, or my computer, and they will all sync I have a new computer IOS 8. Why don't my already-entered-on-my-ipad dates show up Marie — there's a good chance you have added those events to a different default calendar on your device.

    The best way to remedy this is to edit events not showing up, and change the "Calendar" field to your Google Calendar account. This will push the events to Google Calendar, which will mean the desired info is available on all of your devices. Thanks Tim! Will do! In trying to do the same to my daughter's 5s, she does not have to choice of a "default" calendar at all!

    Sync with macOS Calendar

    Wonder if you know why? That is possibly due to the fact that your daughter has only one calendar synced to the device. It's also possible that she's disabled various Calendars, just like you can disable Contact lists and Mailboxes for your various accounts. This solved my problem. Hi Tim, thanks so much for your wonderful post!!! Spent my entire afternoon looking for an answer and thank God I found this!!! Now, it looks like the events I added before I fixed my calendar problem, were added to my iphone only, and are not syncing to my google calendar How do I make those events many sync to my google calendar?

    Glad the article helped you out! In the field where it says "Calendar" you will need to specify your Google Calendar. All future events will by default unless specified otherwise be added and subsequently pushed to your Google Calendar. Google Calendar Sync Settings worked for me. Thank you so much!!!!

    In this article

    I have been trying for months to figure out why my Google calendar wouldn't sync. I generated an app specific password, and voila! As many have already commented on, the sync page. Where on earth would one locate that? Fixed the problem immediately. I followed google. Or is it personal? If it's the former you may need to contact the administrator for your Google Apps Domain and let them know you can't get your device to access the calendar.

    Much of the time it's a permission issue. The sync setting was a master-piece information. If you had not given the link we would be searching and still clueless. We spent two days trying to sync g calender. It was the security setting not to allow "less safe applications" Who would have thought of that Thanks for letting us know, it's probably worth pointing out for anyone else looking for solutions that if you're using a Google Apps account with an yoururl.

    I had all the settings set up correctly. Had to take the drastic step and delete and re-add my gmail account. Well, I guess that didn't work as well as I expected.

    Google calendar : default calendar on iPhone - Vyte - Scheduling Made Easy

    I give up. Maybe it's time to move to a different calendar. I used the sync link to make the calmdar show up a couple days ago and though my problem was solved. Now new events are not showing up. I have reinstalled and tried everything but no luck Two ios devices syncing to the same account on google. One of them saw the calendars just fine. The others didn't. Here's what fixed it for us: a settings reset. This finally helped me after trying everything else in this thread several times.

    Spent a couple of hours searching for the right answer and I found it on your webpage thank you very much. Very glad the article was able to help you, but rather surprised this is still such an issue - come on Google, sort it out! A follow-up on my the comment: I believe that the reason I had to delete and re-add my account was because I had previously added my Gmail account by selecting the Exchange option instead of the Google option when identifying what type of account I would be adding.

    I did this to enable Push for my Gmail account. Apparently it came at the expense of my calendars syncing fully. Google disabled Google Sync, which was the service that allowed you to use Exchange for Google's email addresses and have proper push email. If you try and re-add your Gmail as an Exchange account now it will fail.

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    It's definitely possible that this was to blame, but I personally only experienced the problem after I'd switched from using the push-friendly Exchange method of doing things. I had to delete my account and reinstall it, but then everything was good. Thank yu for the very detailed article! Thanks to Scotts , I think a solution has been found for those running goggle apps only.

    Fingers remain crossed! Using the Exchange method of adding a Google account relies on the outdated Google Sync platform which has been dropped. It's the reason you can't get proper push email on your phone any more Personally I've had no requirement to do this with a Google Apps account for this very website , I added it as a Google account and had to select the services to sync using Google's elusive preferences.

    I have a problem not descried above. Entries in Google calendar show on my iphone, but new entries created on my iphone don't show up on Google. Same problem here, and got it resolved like this: the default calendar on my iphone was google exchange and it did not show up on my computer. So by this point I was very frustrated I deleted all accounts for mail and calendars on my iphone and then gave those that I actually use.

    My bad but to this day i do not know what is that google exchange :-s. On my iPhone 6 which I set up as a new device when I got it about a month ago all Google services worked fine until recently when I noticed that neither the changes I did in google. My e-mail however continues to work fine on this device. I literally tried everything you suggest and now my Google calendars aren't even showing up in the Calendar app anymore, nor are my Google contacts showing up in the Contacts app.

    I have the calen mob app installed in my Iphone 4s that our boss wants us to use at work. It recently began not syncing when I open so no new events show up. I get a message on startup to retry using the correct e-mail and password. I went to settings and re-entered and I get a message that my verification failed.

    I can log on from my desktop and the calendar works and my Samsung tablet app works as well. Any ideas? If so you will need to create an application-specific password by logging into your Google account and going to the Security section. Aside from that it could be something to do with the app itself, by the sounds of it. The advice in the article is for Apple's in-built Calendar app. Deleted and re-added 3 times, calendars is checked, it is a shared calendar that I have permission to view, I found the hidden sync settings, and they do show up on the Google account from a web browser.

    Have you deleted the account and re-added it? Did you check the Calendars option? Are they shared calendars for which you have permission to view them? Did you find Google's hidden Calendar Sync settings? Thanks Tim, that Synch Settings page did the trick. Appreciate the time you spent here; saved me my saturday morning. Now back to cartoons. Hi Sarah, really glad this helped. I'm rather surprised we're still having people looking for solutions to this issue to be honest Thanks very much - worked a treat, and I didn't know about two-step verification.

    Hmmm no I personally don't sync Google Contacts because Gmail adds every email address, and allowing it turns my contact list into a rather large mess. For what it's worth I don't think there's a sync settings page for contacts, and I never saw anything while trawling through docs for this article! Glad it was helpful! I too had a small victory moment when it all started working for the first time in months ;. This was very helpful, and solved my calendar problem. I had to use "more drastic measures" and it did the trick. In trying to troubleshoot an issue with duplicate calendar entries I deleted my accounts on an iphone 5c with ios 7.

    When re-added the accounts, the email works but, the calendars do not appear anymore when I open the calendar app and tap "calendars". They were all there before. I have calendars selected for visibility on the iphone and all mailboxes were selected on the sync settings in a Chrome mobile browser window on the phone. I have also powered the phone off and back on again. Hmmm that's odd Ken. Failing that Are these shared Calendars? Are you using a Google Apps account? Is it possible the domain administrator hasn't enabled mobile sync? It seems there can be a long lag of perhaps days.

    I gave up after the second day of tinkering with it. FYI it is a standard google account. I believe all your instructions are correct. I have seen a comment on other site that said it can take "awhile" to work. I wouldn't have thought that it could take days though. Thanks for letting us know Ken, I thought you might have stumbled on another Google Sync issue we'd have to figure out for a bit there! I'm pretty surprised that this continues to be an issue! I thought Google might have fixed it by now, seeing as there are a few blog posts out there highlighting the issue.

    Thanks to you I found my calender, at last!

    How to Sync Google Calendar with iCal (iPhone/iPad Calendar)

    One other thing to do on the iPhone is consider getting an app from the iTunes store called Calendars 5. I think it is superior to the calendar on the iPhone, was a snap to set up, and has thusfar in two years been bullet proof. We love that app, and it's definitely a good contender if you're a little disappointed by Apple's calendar. I was never able to find that either. Thanks so much for that! I simultaneously kicked myself and cursed Google when I found it, glad the article helped you out.